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Online Cold Sore Treatment is easy when you understand the Common Cold Sore Symptoms. With online Telehealth, makes it easy to buy valacyclovir online to treat cold sores and genital herpes safely, discreetly and on your terms. Before wisp, getting antivirals to treat cold sores meant making an appointment with your doctor or going to urgent care, but now you can have medication delivered directly to your home. While many of us would prefer to get herpes medication without a doctor, it is not possible to get Valtrex without a prescription. Wisp makes consulting a doctor to get medication for herpes as easy as sending an email.

Cold Sores are caused by the same virus that causes Genital Herpes. The virus can be transmitted to another’s genitals from someone who has cold sores even when they are not present. Learn more about Genital Herpes Symptoms.

“Cold sores are can be easily suppressed when meds are taken at the first sign of an outbreak—it’s easy to live sore free!”

For the most immediate and effective cold sore treatment, the Center For Disease Control does not recommend over the counter herpes medication. Instead, keeping a prescription antiviral, like Valacyclovir or Acyclovir, on hand is the best way to treat cold sores and will help prevent future outbreaks from ever happening.

Specifics About Herpes Medication

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When to Discuss Herpes In A Relationship

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