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Online Genital Herpes Treatment

At, we make it easy to buy valacyclovir online so you can treat genital herpes safely, privately and on your terms. Before online Telehealth, getting antivirals meant making an appointment with your doctor or going to urgent care, but now you can have medication delivered directly to your home. Although many of us experiencing an outbreak would prefer to get herpes medication without a doctor, it is not possible to get Valtrex without a prescription. But with wisp, consulting a doctor to get medication for herpes is easy as sending an email.

For immediate and effective herpes treatment, the Center For Disease Control does not recommend over the counter herpes medication. Prescription antivirals, like Valacyclovir & Acyclovir are the best medication for genital herpes and can help you prevent future outbreaks from ever happening.

“Why risk another outbreak? Keep extra meds on hand for when you need them”

Specifics About Herpes Medication

When to Discuss Herpes In A Relationship

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