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Do You—Not UTI

Anyone who has ever experienced a UTI (urinary tract infection) knows it is something you need to take care of before it gets out of hand. The first sign of a UTI is generally a burning sensation while urinating. The infection can quickly spread to the kidneys which can lead to hospitalization if not treated with Antibiotics for UTI. Over the counter UTI meds and home remedies can be effective if the UTI is caught early enough, but it is often difficult to tell exactly where the infection is until it is too late. Back pain (in the flank near the kidneys), fever and nausea are common signs that the infection is getting worse and that UTI antibiotics will be necessary. If an infection spreads to the kidneys, it’s essential you contact a doctor as soon as possible to avoid a hospital stay and long-term damage to the kidneys.

Thankfully it is no longer difficult to get a UTI prescription online. Taking meds for a UTI requires a doctor to review your medical history, but actually going to a doctor’s office is no longer required! If you get chronic UTIs, it is essential that you begin taking antibiotics ASAP and complete the full cycle of meds to avoid recurrence of symptoms. For your convenience, you can schedule a pickup at your local pharmacy. Wisp does not require insurance for our services, which means you can avoid paying to go to Urgent Care every time you get a UTI.

  • Antibiotics for UTI begin working immediately and prevent the infection from spreading deeper into the urinary tract
  • Nitrofurantoin is a common antibiotic used to treat UTI and is available online by prescription only
  • Wisp Daily Probiotics help repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria and should be taken with Antibiotics