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Finding Balance

By Kathleen Morrison & Shallin Mayher

Wisp is looking a bit different these days…

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Since wisp’s founding in 2018, our team has worked to create an easier, more accessible, and more satisfying sexual healthcare experience. Even under the best circumstances, going to the doctor can be difficult: you’ve got to take time out of your busy schedule, navigate traffic or public transit, sit in a waiting room, go to a pharmacy to get your meds… you get the idea. Throw in nerves about your symptoms or an insensitive provider and it’s easy to see why as many as 50% of people delay seeking care for sexual health concerns.

Wisp is changing that with online consults, prescription meds delivered to your door, and knowledgeable doctors who understand what you’re going through. We aim to help you balance treatment with cost, consultations with time, and prescriptions with preventative care — but we want to do more.

We’ve refreshed our online experience to better reflect a balanced  approach to personal healthcare, anchored by:

  • A comprehensive menu of products and services that meet all of our patient's healthcare needs, including new treatment categories, expanded subscription options to meet everyone’s budget, over-the-counter treatment, holistic prevention, and some well-deserved fun (check out our brand new lube 💦 ).

  • An inclusive community of doctors, sexual health advocates, and patients who value convenience, privacy, and judgment-free sex education. 

  • Medically accurate and relatable information to build the tools and relationships needed to take control of your sexual and reproductive health. 

We also wanted to improve the website experience and live up to our values of accessibility and inclusion by making it easier for everyone to navigate. General brand elements like color palette and typography were redefined to allow for better contrast and readability. Filling out forms is never that fun, but we’ve put time into making sure ours are as painless as possible by making sure they are clearly labeled and navigable. We’ve also implemented and prioritized accessibility by applying features like alt text on images to help patients that are using screen readers.

Plus, we’ve learned that most of our patients are accessing wisp on their phones, so we’ve honed our mobile experience with larger text, easily clickable buttons, and appropriate formatting.

This new and improved user experience has been thoughtfully packaged by wisp’s Design Director, Shallin Mayher! Shallin’s used their design expertise to create a brand experience that ties together wisp’s values and breaks through the one-size-fits-all nature of traditional healthcare. Read on for a peek behind the scenes and nerd out with Shallin about what goes into a brand.

The Making of wisp 2.0

Wisp has evolved significantly since our founding and I knew some key components of the brand and product needed some love. After organizing and completing a week-long intensive design workshop, I synthesized our team’s findings along with customer and competitor research to help guide the rebrand’s next steps. I’ve outlined the key brand elements below that needed the most attention and how we worked to reconcile them.

  • Expressive logo 

    • We want to make sure our wordmark aligns with our brand attributes to provide the most empowering, familiar, and accessible experience possible. The rigidity of our original logo made it feel less approachable than we ideally wanted. Practically, it was also challenging to read at small sizes as the stroke widths were quite small. Comfort, classic, and a bit of a throwback, our new logo offers a lot. Its friendly serifs are approachable and the rounded body to the letterforms is inviting. Its letterforms and serifs are both friendly and inviting. Come on in!

  • Refined color palette

    • Our new primary color, “Mingo” (the bright coral shade) represents: love, compassion, care, and empathy — reminding ourselves of the importance behind our favorite mantra: “love yourself first.” Mingo’s benefits are many: it offers us a mature, more inclusive primary brand color and is up to par with the accessibility standards we’re prioritizing as an organization. Our other supporting star, Cobalt, adds familiarity with a modern take on the primary blue often seen in the traditional medical space. Overall, it’s our palette all grown up.

  • Updated typography

    • The harmony between the Bogue and Gotham typefaces is too good to be true. This lettering pair is sophisticated, yet approachable, and their balance underlines the balance we wish to help our patients achieve in their healthcare. Plus, both typefaces offer a robust font family and are great for text at small sizes making them great for readability. 

  • Reconfiguring the grid structure

    • In order to strategically build a successful responsive product experience, I worked with our amazing in-house engineering team (thank you!) to rework our current layout grid. We’ve established a horizontal and vertical rhythm that gives us the structure we need while allowing for enough flexibility in design. Since learning that our patients often interact with us on-the-go, we’ve taken a mobile-first approach to our design thinking to ensure we’re creating a seamless and delightful experience for all. Stay tuned as we dive in deeper to learn more about you and what features and products you’d like to see next from wisp!

To our current patients: we’re excited to be able to take these next steps with wisp and we would not have been able to do it without your support! And to our future patients: we hope you will join us as we work to make sexual healthcare easier and more accessible. Follow us on Instagram @hellowisp for updates, education, and a spicy meme or two. There’s more to come.

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