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the wispering podcast


By Symone Elena

🗣️ wis·per·ing /ˈ(h)wispər-ing: verb

Why no "h"? We're changing the conversation around sex, our bodies and reproductive health.

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Welcome to the wispering podcast, where our goal is to change the volume on some of life's most difficult conversations. I am your host Symone Elena, and this podcast is brought to you by wisp, an online telehealth community for women and men looking for reliable and discreet online care for their sexual and reproductive health needs. Log on to and get same day prescriptions for UTI, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, oral herpes (AKA cold sores), and genital outbreaks. Medication can be picked up at a local pharmacy, or you can have meds shipped in a discreet package directly to your home. Online consultations only take a few minutes, and all medication is prescribed by US-licensed doctors for all fifty states.

Alright guys, my name again is Symone Elena. Welcome to The Wispering Podcast, I'm so happy to have you guys here today. I know you're wondering, "Who is this person? How did I get here?" but I am happy you're here. So, basically, you know, I partnered with wisp on trying to find a better way to intimately connect with you guys - and I know you're probably wondering, "How can I get any more intimate when wisp already knows all my personal business, but we want to really connect with you guys on just everyday life things that we all collectively go through, and just to talk about these things, to dish things out, you know, and just get more comfortable with each other and see where this relationship goes.

So I know you're wondering who I am so. Let me just kind of like briefly run down who I am so that you can kind of understand who this ominous voice is. So when people ask you know what is my brand, like my personal brand story, I can easily give my little elevator pitch that Symone Elena is a multi-faceted female powerhouse that ranges from interior design, fashion, art cuisine, health and skin care. I know that sounded really bomb. I wrote it myself, thank you, but honestly, is that even a story?Like does that effectively connect you to my brand or communicate the inner workings of it? Nah, it really doesn't, and it's honestly, it's just a generic response to a really heavy question and you really have to know at your gritty core what your brand embodies. Like you have to know that for yourself for it to be really conveyed, and it is needs to be more than just you know, fortune cookie fluff that looks good on paper. So the best way for me to answer that is to say that Symone Elena is a brand and a story of long suffering and when I say long suffering, it's a story about having and showing patience in spite of my troubles. And you may be thinking, you know, how is that supposed to be a positive story if long suffering's involved, which, just stay with me, just whole tight and just stay with me.

So to truly know success, you've got to suffer, y'all, like I might need to say that one more time. To truly know success, you've got to suffer. Like, you have to go through the trenches of lack and uncertainty to gain the experience of how to overcome it, and truly lean every bit of yourself into it, without resistance, and when you marry those two — when you marry patience and hope you birth the gift of manifestation, and honestly, that gift will grant you to power to bring forth everything you desire, even in the face of tribulation, because you now have the experience of knowing how to ebb and flow through it. Now honestly, has it been a smooth road through all of that? No, it hasn't and honestly, like smooth selling through life, really isn't a great segment of a good story, now is it? So, I feel like I wasn't hustling hard enough if it was all just too easy.

Now relationships and money were my biggest frenemies within my struggles. Now, I'm an empath and an intense lover — I'm a Scorpio, so just imagine that emotional roller coaster that I was going through. I would allow my relationships, both intimate and friendships, to be all consuming for me, and I was always the one giving eighty and happily settling for their twenty. Now don't get me wrong. Your girl did her fair share of screw-ups in both departments, but it would just sometimes get to the point where my partners and my friends, whether it was their goals or their drama, were more important than what I wanted, and it took me some time to realize that and to stop the cycle.

Now when it came to money, I was making it. Like, I really was making it, but I was never getting to see it and my bills were all consuming and there was barely enough left for me to really invest in my goals, and that that used to really break me a lot. My confidence relied on money, because when I was up, life was good and I feel like everybody can relate to that. You know when you got money, life is up, like, there's really no woes, there's really no struggles, it's really no problems, but thankfully I always have my sister Alicia, who I love dearly. I always had her sound wisdom to rely on and she always taught me that money is going to come, no matter what freely and openly as long as I stay open to receive it. She would literally like send me those little two hand emojis where it's like kind of cupping and telling me just to keep my hands out like that. So I can always stay expecting and I, yeah you know, I was only staying open to receive when I knew it was coming and for the moment that I was expecting it, but not for those moments where it's just like, oh know when it's coming, but I know it's coming and that's the mind set you have to have- and I had to remind myself of that every day of what my sister taught me: to be open to more favor with finances and opportunity and just to receive more money, which was you know, always the goal. And not too long in, I was able to afford purchasing my LLC, which for some people it may not be like a big deal, but yo — LLC's are expensive! Like if you never bought one, they're expensive, and it's definitely very motivating to see your name on that piece of paper with that stamp of approval on it.

So for anyone who was in a similar situation or a fork at the road, my advice is to always choose you first, to never unnecessarily compromise, and to always remain open to the blessings and the goodness that you deserve. You know you deserve the utmost best, so don't ever for a second think you deserve anything less than, you know, what's coming to you, and the more you focus on what you deserve and will receive, the less that you'll notice any lack around you. Like, y'all, you are the drinking well to your blessings. Do not let it run dry because of you — like, don't let run dry because of you yourself, your circumstances, okay? I'm telling you.

And, you know, everybody's favorite question is, "So what is it exactly that you do?" Because you know you'll tell them about your brand, but they really want to know like okay, so what you do? Like, what is it that you do, and I've always wanted my answer to that question to be, "Everything!" So that is what my response is, and if you all are having that question like, "Okay, Symone, you told us what you do, but really what is it?" If y'all want to get technical and politically correct, my job, like my normal career job, I am a flight attendant, but I have a background in interior design, fine art photography, print-making, and sculptures. I have a skincare brand that I'm currently working on, alongside my new home collection, because I really wanted to bring back my interior design background, not so much doing what I used to do, but just those little intricate details within interior design that I loved so much. So that's definitely something that I'm working on and I will be dropping since I'm really happy about that. But my biggest goal that I'm working towards is still such a sweet secret, but I can share that it's a step in the direction of working with kids in the system and in foster care, and I'm really excited about that. Like if you've never watched the show Pose on Netflix, I advise you to definitely do that because within like the first episode I was like Yo, I really want to do this. I just want to just go out there and just save all these hurting kids and just, in a way, give them a better life than what they're viewing and what their perspective is.

Now for my art work. Like my sculptures and my photography work, those have always been my favorite relationships. They just always have and always will be, and I tend to always find myself drifting away from it when I get into an artist block, but somehow I always end up coming back to it, whether it's, you know, seeing some form of inspiration, someone encouraging me, or just, you know, experiencing a new lover who just inspires me to create something based off of the relationship that I've had with them. I've even started teaching a friend of mine, Kabria. I had to use the materials I use in my scultpure works on her own endeavors, and it's been so much fun and just so fulfilling to like watch her grow within the craft in such a short amount of time for when we like we're just sitting at this small table together in her mom's apartment, like trying to figure out how to teach her, you know to use the material, so I'm so proud of her and her brand, Pretty High. Go check her out, Pretty High Co.

But honestly, I'm just really proud of all the things that I've accomplished thus far in my life, especially without obtaining a degree. I moved to New York for my career, like literally this senior year, and instead of finishing college, y'all I took the job, like I took the job, I took the move, and I took the new life. And I thought I would regret it, but I don't - and I honestly wouldn't have gained the experiences, the opportunities, or even met the people that I had, had I not chosen that route, like had I not chosen that journey for my life. Now before ya'll come at me, I'm not saying any of this to tell you [not to go to] college, I promise you I'm not, because I have such amazing people in my life with degrees who are doing wonderful things out there, but for me specifically with my path and my journey, it just it just wasn't it at the time and I might go back because I typically don't like to leave anything undone, but I'm definitely not in any rush to do that. So stay in school kids, if it's definitely your route, stay in school, because you could be doing great things out there.

Now, I know when a lot of y'all thinking about starting a business, you feel like well, there's there's so many oversaturated industries, like you lose some form of confidence in wanting to start, but I just want to like pause you right there before you even think that, or continue to perpetuate that idea in your mind, that what you love or what you care about, there's already too many people doing it, and you already know that [intelligible] is like any time you get discouraged, just walk down the bread isle and look at all them forms of bread. All of those brands are eaten. All of those brands are making money. It doesn't matter, there's just something about what you make that'll set you apart, and so, when it comes to me and my products or my designs as I create what I offer, I feel like those things are not what sets me apart. It's me as a person and my personality is what does, and I do my best to never compromise or alter who I am to fit in what's desired or expected, and my goal is to never be what's wanted, but to be what is needed and a need is always going to be a necessity, and it should be a betterment to you and never anything less.

Even with me being a flight attendant, like I'm so grateful for the impressions that I get to leave on everyone, especially like just whether it's gate agents, passengers, like I'm just grateful for that little moment of the stamp that I get to leave on them. I've had people hug me, thank me for my spirit, and ya'll I'm not gonna lie, it really will confuse me sometimes because I'm like, I'm with ya'll for such short amount of time. I don't feel like I'm doing enough, but it's moments with people like that that remind me, I'm doing just the right amount of good by being me and sharing me with them. So when I transfer those characteristics into the things that I create, I produce my own essence. that cannot be duplicated. So I need you to know that for yourself that what you bring to the table, people are still going to eat it, because it's still good, it's still something that you made, so yeah.

I really hope you all like, I really hope you connected with me a bit more on who I am, and you know who wisp is and what we're both trying to do collectively as partners, and what we're trying to bring to you guys. Like, we want to share so much love and light with you, and bring a safe space for you to share those nitty gritty things about yourselves, or those lacks of confidence you feel in yourself. You want this to be the space where you feel like it's okay to share and that you're still going to be loved and appreciated and accepted, and that is what the main goal here is for The Wispering Podcast. So I just want to leave you all with, like a last little fresh air, fresh lightly, piece of love and and guidance.

What I want you to know for yourself is that you are the most important figure that truly matters in your corner. When you're in that ring the only important figure that matters is you, and you cannot fail when you choose you first, when you love yourself first and when you have confidence in yourself. Always put yourself first, at all costs, all without compromising on your character and your integrity. Your worth is not based on who or what you have, so do not ever lose sight of that, even when the cards are stacked against you. Like, don't ever lose sight of who you are and what you have to offer, and anything that is not serving its rightly divine purpose in your life does not need to overstay its welcome. Don't make space for it any more. You, your temple, which you have to offer your very presence, your essence, it's undeniable and it's an irreplaceable gift. So never let them treat you like you're regular.

Now before we go. I just wanted to include like this last little segment that I want to include on every, you know, every episode that we do and being that this is The Wispering Podcast, I got to keep up with the play on words, and so you know, Wispering Wednesdays. We want to have this this segment where you guys share a secret with us and it's called wisper secret. It's very simple! You know, you just going to share a secret with us. Of course it's going to be anonymous and then every episode we're going to just pick a secret to, like you know, dissect to talk about. You know if it's something that I can relate to, I'll definitely share my own experiences and if there's a guest on the show you know, will collectively talk about it and hopefully it'll bring you some clarity. You know, bring you some form of closure who knows but to keep things on like a super light and airy note, I'm a pick one that I thought was hilarious. Like, I really thought that was hilarious, but here we go.

So this wisper said, I love to poop. Let me say that one more time, she said, and she identifies as a woman. I love to poop, it's my favorite form of alone time. Y'all I'm not even gonna hold you, poopin' is definitely in my top three favorite moments of alone time, like I'm not even, I'm not even gonna go to hold you now, I'm not going to say where it falls at in the top three, but he's definitely in there. Now from my other two showering and like, playing music with like the blinds slightly open. That is definitely my favorite form of alone time. I'm sure everybody else is too, but that's where I do my most thinking and contemplating on life. But my next one is very specific and kind of random, but you know, when I'm on the plane and I'm done taking care of everybody, everybody Gucci, everybody is partially asleep, I head for my jump seat and whip out my phone - and I literally will just start recording clouds, like while I'm in the air. I don't know what it is, but being 25 to 35 thousand feet in the air, I love recording clouds and just depending on the type of clouds I love, recording it, but just staring out the galley window. It is my favorite time to just reflect to think about my day to figure out. You know where I want my goals to go from there. It's something about being up that high in the air and really just having that moment to myself to really just dissect everything and just release stuff. I love it. Like I truly do.

But yeah guys, who I really hope this is, is going to be a really great journey for you. I hope to see you again on the next episode, but, as always be safe, be love, be light and I'll talk to you again soon.

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