How Wisp Works

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth makes going to the doctor easier and more accessible than ever before. With wisp, you can use your phone or computer to access health care services, order a prescription or speak with a wisp doctor.

Telehealth improves the quality of available treatment for all Americans, ensuring access to affordable health services for a greater number of uninsured humans.

Say goodbye to awkward doctor visits, and hello wisp—for primary, sexual & reproductive health.

The First Step to Telehealth

Take 2 minutes to share some basic health info, just like a normal visit to the doctor...but less awkward. All your information is encrypted in our HIPAA compliant system.

  • Prior health history
  • Lifestyle
  • Current symptoms

Protecting Your Privacy

At wisp, we believe your healthcare choices should remain private. Verifying your identity with photo identification ensures your medical records belong to you and you alone.

  • A state or federally issued ID is required to complete registration

Personalized Health+Care

Whether you are experiencing symptoms for the first time, or have a pretty good idea of what is going on already, we think you should have access to fast, hassle-free care. Our U.S. licensed physicians will review your file and prescribe personalized treatment within 24 hours.

  • Wisp has certified physicians in all 50 US states
  • Certain states may require a followup call or secure chat online to complete your care

Get Meds When You Need Them

Wisp makes getting prescription meds easy with two convenient options.

  • Schedule and pick up at a local pharmacy in as little as 2 hours
  • Or get FREE delivery to your door. Meds are (discreetly) packaged in containers without pharmacy labeling

24/7 Medical Access

Ask the doctor any primary care medical question, or refill a non-wisp prescritpion when you are a subscribing patient.

  • Medical questions answered
  • Refill non-wisp prescription medication
How Much Do Prescriptions Cost?Dropdown caret

Our services and pricing are based on a subscription model and vary based on the needs of each patient. Primary care access, included with subscription, is priced to provide access for anyone who needs access to a doctor regardless of insurance. If you have insurance, depending on your plan, it may be possible to bill insurance specifically for your meds. Find med-specific pricing at

Why Do I Need To Show ID?Dropdown caret

Wisp is working to make healthcare easier and more accessible to all humans. Our website is a HIPAA compliant online portal, where you can talk to a doctor and seek treatment for a range of issues, including primary care and sexual health, without having to go to a doctor's office. For added patient protection, i.e. to ensure you are who you say you are, we require verified identification prior to beginning treatment. If you don't have an account with us, sign up at—you're identity and medical records will stay private. Always.

How Do I Talk To Customer Service?Dropdown caret

Please email for the fastest resolution. Once we have your details verified in our HIPAA compliant portal, we can go ahead and get your account set up so you can adjust your meds or speak to a doctor immediately.