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The waiting room can wait.

How are we different from a “normal” doctor?

Wisp is healthcare on your terms. Connect with a licensed provider online and get safe, effective same-day treatment. Period.

That means no more appointments or waiting rooms. Just the care you need when you need it, available in all 50 states.

We’re simplifying access to treatment to make getting healthy and staying healthy that much easier. Be heard, get care, feel better.

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Licensed providers in all 50 states

The doctor is in. The Wisp medical team consists of board-certified providers licensed in all 50 states, each of whom are thoroughly vetted by our regulatory staff. They are led by Dr. Jillian LoPiano, Wisp’s Chief Health Officer, and a passionate advocate for increasing access to healthcare via telehealth.

Dr. Jillian Lopiano

Partnering for change

We are on a mission to increase access to healthcare + comprehensive sex education. Interested in working together? We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out at partnerships@hellowisp.com.

SIECUS: Sex Ed For Social Change logo

Established in 1964, SIECUS advocates for the rights of all people to access and enjoy accurate and comprehensive sexuality information, education,and related health services.

New York Birth Control Access Project logo

The New York Birth Control Access Project is a local non-profit dedicated to improving contraceptive access and reproductive care for patients in New York

Abortion Freedom Fund logo

The Abortion Freedom Fund provides financial support for those seeking telehealth abortions and fights against abortion misinformation.

When Plan A becomes Plan B

We’ve partnered with the Texas Abortion Rights and Idaho Abortion Rights groups to provide access to low-cost emergency contraception.

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Artist Partnership Program

This creative initiative is designed to highlight diverse artists whose work reflect unique perspectives on life. Their designs are featured on the inside of our box to represent our goal of making healthcare more affordable, accessible, and inclusive.

Interested in creating with us? Reach out at partnerships@hellowisp.com ❤️


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