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Yeast Infection Treatment

Order same day yeast infection medicine

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Diflucan, Generic Fluconazole (Yeast Antifungals)

Doctor prescribed antifungals used to treat vaginal yeast infections

Starting at $15.00/month

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Boric Acid Suppositories

An over-the-counter vaginal suppository custom made to help prevent & relieve infections

Starting at $9.00/month

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Calm Down! Instant Itch Relief for BV & Yeast

Doctor-prescribed cream used to relieve uncomfortable symptoms of BV and Yeast.


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The Best Probiotics For BV, Yeast, & UTI

An over-the-counter bacteria supplement to counter side effects from antibiotics

Starting at $10.00/month

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What are yeast infection symptoms?

At some point, every woman will know the discomfort of a yeast infection. Many will get to know the feeling often... a little too often. But, there's no need to suffer through chronic yeast infections if your go-to over the counter yeast infection treatment doesn't work. Antifungals are prescription strength yeast infection medicine that stop the infection fast. You don't need health insurance to treat a yeast infection online—plus we'll send you over the counter yeast infection meds to prevent reocurrence.

  • Pain when you pee
  • Pain during sex
  • Red, swollen or sore vaginal tissues
  • Itching and soreness around the vaginal opening
  • Discharge that is watery, white & clumpy
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When Monistat doesn't cut it, try yeast infection meds like Fluconazole without a doctor's appointment. See ya, yeast.

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Diflucan Prescription

Diflucan still requires a prescription, but Boric Acid helps restore balance to prevent chronic yeast infections. Get Yeast Infection home remedies that work.

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