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Skip the waiting room. Every time.

Get unlimited sexual & reproductive consultations, or talk to a provider for same-day prescriptions called into your local pharmacy.

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Schedule a one-time consultation today for immediate treatment, or save with wispcare unlimited and privately message a provider 24/7 for primary care, STI symptoms, lab referral, or to adjust your wisp meds.

What is a Wispcare consult?

With Wispcare, you get no-wait access to online consultations. Treat STIs from home, or get a primary care prescription called in same day. Wispcare is priced to ensure everyone has access to treatment, regardless of insurance.

Conditions not included in Wispcare unlimited: genital herpes, cold sore, uti, yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, birth control, emergency contraception. For these services click here.

Talk to a provider about

  • STI treatment
  • Lab referral
  • Primary care Rx

Wispcare Consult

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We treat a range of common reproductive and primary care health conditions online to ensure relief comes quickly and without the hassle.

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Wispcare FAQ

How It Works


Tell us what's going on

Log in and begin a consult by describing the symptoms you're experiencing, or selecting a medication

Doctor follow-up

In 2-3 hours, a doctor will privately message you about your care and, if safe and appropriate, prescribe treatment

Get your meds

Your prescription will be ready for pick up same-day at a local pharmacy of your choice

Two Ways To Get Care

With Wispcare, you can schedule online consults for reproductive or primary care, whether you have insurance or not. Talk to your provider, ask questions about new symptoms or order a local prescription for same day pick up.

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wispcare unlimited

Skip the waiting room and schedule unlimited consults. Medication will be prescribed if treatment is considered safe and appropriate

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one-time consult

Worried about new symptoms? Schedule a one-time consult with no contract and get same day treatment available for pick up at your local pharmacy