Bottle of D-Mannose to treat UTI on a red surface, on a pink background
Bottle of D-Mannose to treat UTI on a red surface, on a pink background
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Bottle of D-Mannose to prevent UTI and cranberries, on a pink background
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D-Mannose capsules to prevent UTI on a pink background

D-Mannose Capsules

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OTC defense against recurrent UTIs

Prevent chronic urinary tract infections and recurrence of symptoms with over-the-counter D-Mannose capsules. A round of treatment flushes bacteria from your urinary tract and preps you to fight off infection naturally. Headed to spring break or getting some beach time with your boo? Start treatment early to maintain bladder health and combat the conditions that trigger UTIs.

What Is D-Mannose Used For?

Wisp's D-Mannose capsules are specially formulated to attach to UTI-causing bacteria and help flush them from your system. D-Mannose can be used alongside your UTI antibiotics for treatment, or taken before activities known to cause a UTI in order to prevent infection altogether. Stay in the game and kick UTI symptoms to the curb for good.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

D-Mannose UTI Prevention

  • Prevents bacteria from adhering to your urinary tract
  • Helps maintain bladder health
  • Best used before infection or at first signs of symptoms
  • Helps prevent recurring UTIs

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D-Mannose provides a safe, natural way to help prevent UTIs and maintain bladder health, especially beneficial for individuals prone to recurrent infections and symptoms.

Suneer Chander, MD

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