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woman plugging her nose because of a bad smell

Why Does My BV Keep Coming Back?

If you experience reoccurring Bacterial Vaginosis symptoms, you may be prone to BV infections or have chronic BV. Left untreated, BV can lead to health problems like infertility. Take immediate action & say "goodbye" to BV for good. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - July 27, 2020
Woman peeking from under the covers

What Does My Vagina's Smell Mean?

If the pH of your vagina changes, or you've been exposed to a type of sexually transmitted infection (STI), the odor of your vagina may change. STIs can be scary, but they're also super easy to prevent and treat. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - July 10, 2020
Tablets and capsules representing UTI treatment in a clear cup.

Treating UTIs: Antibiotics and Home Remedies

UTIs are common, and most women have experienced at least one (and often a few) of them. Fortunately, UTI treatment at home is simple.  Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - May 3, 2021
ask Dr. Laura Purdy M.D. about BV Treatment

Ask A Doctor: Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

If you've experienced the telltale symptoms of BV—unusual vaginal odor, itching, pain, or thin white or grey discharge—you probably want answers! Read More →

Dr. Laura Purdy M.D. - April 20, 2021
A bright green tree against a dry desert background, seen from above.

Overcoming Vaginal Dryness During Sex

Are you experiencing vaginal dryness that is leading to painful intercourse? Find out why this might be happening and what you can do about it. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - June 11, 2021
Holding hands

Symptoms of Genital Herpes

STIs are more common than many of us realize, and that includes herpes. Even though herpes infections are not curable, but there are plenty of treatments and medicines for genital herpes to help prevent and reduce the severity of outbreaks. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - June 2, 2021
Person laying on their stomach, photo showcases skin and tattoos.

Skin Concerns and Medication

Your skin is your biggest organ. If you have skin care concerns like acne or texture, there are medications that can help. Talk to a doctor to get prescription strength treatment so you can get glowing. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - June 18, 2021
Small brown bottles on the ground to represent common treatments for STDs

What are the Most Common Treatments for STDs?

Today we are walking through the three most common STD treatments out there today, and why it is important to get regularly tested if you are sexually active. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - May 4, 2021
A man reading about chlamydia medications in bed

What Should You Know About Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a common bacterial STI that can affect both men and women. Sexual partners may be asymptomatic or may show symptoms like discharge from the genitals or swelling. Chlamydia is easily tested for and treated with a short course of antibiotics. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - May 7, 2021
man on phone scheduling covid antibody test

COVID Antibody Testing Available at Wisp - Test Covid Antibodies

Find out if you’ve already been exposed to COVID so you can get back to life. Today wisp is announcing our partnership with Quest Diagnostics, to provide COVID-19 antibody testing for all. Read More →

Lizzie De la Cruz - April 29, 2020
woman wondering how to choose the best online birth control

How to Decide Which Birth Control is Right for You

Wondering what the long-term birth control side effects are? Or what's the best birth control pill for acne? Get started with wisp's birth control pill guide. Read More →

Olivia Ware - December 3, 2020
A cactus against a light blue background.

What Causes Painful Sex, and What Treatments are Available?

Research indicates that 10 to 20 percent of U.S. women suffer from recurring and persistent pain associated with sexual activity. Finding the cause of your pain is the first step in finding a solution that works for you. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - June 9, 2021
What is Fluconazole and How Does it Work?

What is Fluconazole and How Does it Work?

Fluconazole yeast infection treatment is among the most common prescriptions for first-time and chronic yeast infections. Order online same day and get your prescription delivered free with wisp. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - March 16, 2021
A woman reclining in white underwear reading about yeast infections.

Yeast Infections: What You Need to Know

Yeast infections are uncomfortable, but they're easy to prevent and treat. Read on to learn what you need to know about what causes, prevention, and treatment. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - April 14, 2021
Dr. Laura Purdy answering questions about birth control and emergency contraception.

Ask A Doctor: Birth Control and Emergency Contraception

As of 2019, the CDC reports that about 14% of women aged 15-49 in the US use an oral contraceptive pill and 1 in 9 sexually experienced women aged 15-44 have used emergency contraception (Plan B). If you use either of these contraception methods, or are interested in learning more, the wisp medical team is here to help. Read More →

- May 13, 2021
White frilly underwear covered by a hand with multi-colored nails.

Can Chlamydia Go Away on Its Own?

If you’ve been exposed to an STI or think you may have one, you aren’t alone. STIs like chlamydia are usually totally treatable and also way more common than you might think. Read More →

Kathleen Morrison - April 22, 2021
Tampons orderly dispersed in the upper right corner on a dark blue background.

Is It Possible to Delay Your Period?

Norethisterone is a reliable way to pause your period. With a bit of planning, you can hold off all the aggravations that come with your period until a more convenient time so you don't have to deal with them during travel, competition, or other big events. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - June 1, 2021
Green and white capsules to represent acyclovir pills on pink background.

Acyclovir Pills: Five Things You Should Know

Let’s take a look at some of the most important things for you to know about acyclovir pills before taking them so you can decide whether an acyclovir pill is right for you. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - June 8, 2021

D-Mannose and UTIs: Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve experienced UTI symptoms before, you already know they are painful and disruptive, and that’s on top of the time and money it takes to get treatment from a doctor! Luckily, you have options when it comes to stopping a UTI before it has a chance to ruin your plans: one of them is called d-mannose. Read More →

Kathleen Morrison - May 10, 2021
Petri dish and test tube ready for gardnerella sample.

What Is Gardnerella and Why Does It Affect Me?

If you've ever had BV before, you know how uncomfortable it can make you feel. Once you know the causes of BV, it's much easier to avoid surprisingly easy to treat!  Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - April 22, 2021
Can you get hsv2 from giving oral?

Can you get HSV-2 from giving oral

Wondering if you can you get HSV-2 from giving oral? Contracting genital herpes is complicated because it can happen even when no visible symptoms are present. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - January 5, 2021
A lipstick print on a white background.

Focus on the Facts: Everything You Need to Know About Asymptomatic Transmission of HSV-1 and 2

As many as 50% of Americans may have oral herpes, and 1 in 8 adults have genital herpes. Learn all about asymptomatic herpes transmission and why herpes really isn't as scary as some make it seem. Read More →

Kathleen Morrison - May 1, 2021
How to get rid of vaginal odor?

Getting Rid of Vaginal Odor 101

It's important to remember that all vaginas have natural odors that are unique to each woman. Find out what smells are "normal" and what may be more serious. Read More →

Kate Monahan - January 29, 2021
ask Dr. Laura Purdy, M.D. about Genital Herpes treatment

Ask A Doctor: Genital Herpes Treatment

If you’re experiencing telltale symptoms, like pain or itching along with small blisters, you definitely aren’t alone. Find answers and support for HSV-2 outbreaks! Read More →

Dr. Laura Purdy, M.D. - April 16, 2021
Person holding a half of an orange.

How Boric Acid Can Treat Your Yeast Infection

Most of us will experience a yeast infection in our lives. Boric acid suppositories and yeast infection creams are easy to use and work well to help clear up an infection or avoid it altogether. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - June 24, 2021
does boric acid cure bv?

Why Boric Acid Should Be Your New BV Treatment

Despite being easy to treat, recurring BV infections are no joke, either. If left untreated, BV can lead to other health complications, while also with making you more susceptible to other infections and STIs. Read More →

Kate Monahan - February 19, 2021
A bag that says "ugh" in a window to represent the feeling of a yeast infection from antibiotics.

Yeast Infection from Antibiotics: Why It Happens

Have you ever taken antibiotics for an uncomfortable UTI or sinus infection and then wound up with an equally uncomfortable yeast infection? You are not alone. The trade-off often can feel unfair, but yeast infections spurred on by antibiotics are a common occurrence. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - May 21, 2021
how to tell the difference between BV and trichomoniasis?

BV vs. Trichomoniasis

Wondering why your chronic BV won't go away even after prescription treatment? The STI, trichomoniasis, is commonly mistaken for BV. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - November 12, 2020
A check list of symptoms.

What Are the Most Common Chlamydia Symptoms?

Chlamydia may sound scary, but it's actually incredibly common and easy to treat if dealt with early! Learn more about the common chlamydia symptoms before you head to the doctor. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - May 4, 2021
Liquid being dropped into a person's open palm.

A Guide to Spermicide

Killing sperm right on the spot sounds like an ingenious way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Let's dig into what exactly spermicide is and how it affects our bodies. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - April 3, 2021
Green coffee mug on side table with a messy bed in the background.

Plan B Pills: “Is it the Same as the Abortion Pill?” and Other Common Questions

Plan B pills allow you to take control of your reproductive health and be in charge of your own body, even if accidents happen. Learn more about how they work and if this back-up method is right for you! Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - June 9, 2021
Blue capsules and a glass bottle to represent antibiotics that could cause a yeast infection

Yeast Infection from Antibiotics: Why it Happens

Antibiotics are helpful, but they can be harmful when taken too much, or at the wrong time. Don’t take an antibiotic for a yeast infection because they can make it worse. Instead, know the symptoms and learn to recognize them to help yourself get the right treatment. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - May 4, 2021
woman wondering how to cure a UTI at home

How to Treat a UTI at Home

Wondering what causes a UTI, or how to treat a UTI at home? Only relying on home remedies for UTI can be ineffective—learn how to treat chronic UTIs, same day, without going to the doctor Read More →

Olivia Ware - December 7, 2020
what are the symptoms of genital herpes?

A Guide to Herpes Symptoms

Let's talk about what herpes is, the signs and symptoms of herpes and how to manage outbreaks so you can live a happy, healthy life—and have sex again. Yay! Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - January 1, 2021
Two lovers holding hands in bed

Having The STD Talk: Finding Closure Through Sexual Disclosure

How do you date new people when you have an STD? Exactly as you would without one. Sex should always revolve around communication and safety - Discover firsthand tips & advice about how to have the talk. Read More →

Olivia Ware - September 4, 2020
How to Cure BV in One Day with

Help! How Do I Cure BV In One Day

Tired of living with itchy, fishy smelling BV symptoms? Learn what BV treatments are available to cure and prevent chronic BV symptoms. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - September 9, 2020
what is the right way to teach sex ed?

Queering Sex Education

Did your school's version of "sex ed" leave you feeling a little less than "educated" about sex? Think things have changed? Think again. Here's what needs to happen. Read More →

Olivia Ware - November 20, 2020
is there a link between herpes and Alzheimer’s?

Does Herpes Lead To Alzheimer’s Disease?

Is there a link between herpes and Alzheimer’s? Here's what the current science says, and what you can do to keep your body and mind healthy. Read More →

Olivia Ware - November 17, 2020

Can I Still Have Sex While I Have a Yeast Infection?

So you've got a yeast infection and still want to get down? It's possible to have sex while you have a yeast infection, but doing so comes with some risks. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - April 26, 2021
learn to treat BV with online medication - pink clean underwear

Is BV an STD?

Having BV stinks! But it's more than just the smell that can be concerning. BV lowers your body's ability to fight STIs, diseases and infections. It's super important that you seek medical treatment if you're experiencing any of the symptoms linked to BV. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - October 15, 2020
Neon pink wash room sign

Why Do I Feel Like I Need to Pee All the Time?

A need to pee all the time can be a sign that your body needs help with something. Learn about some of the common causes so you know when you need to see a doctor! Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - April 10, 2021
woman learning the 7 common birth control myths

7 Birth Control Myths

Finding the right method of birth control requires patience, research, and avoiding harmful myths. Stay informed and always check your facts! Read More →

Olivia Ware - October 8, 2020
Person sitting with a flower between their legs.

I'm Getting My First Pelvic Exam, What Should I Expect?

Getting your first pelvic exam? If you're feeling nervous, you aren't alone. We've got your guide for what to expect and how to calm your anxiety. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - May 26, 2021
find the best treatments for yeast infections online

Best Treatments for Yeast Infections

Every woman eventually learns the itchy, painful and confusing symptoms of a yeast infection! And if you're not sure what to use for a yeast infection, you're not alone! It can feel daunting to figure out the right treatment for yeast infections. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - October 20, 2020
A droplet of liquid splashing to represent watery discharge.

What’s Up With Watery Discharge?

Ever wonder what that watery discharge is? Let's take a look at what's healthy, what isn't, and when you should make an appointment with your doctor. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - May 30, 2021
"Fragile" label on a package.

How to Soothe Herpes Sores

When your genital herpes causes sores that are red and painful, it can really put a hold on your life. Here are a couple ways you can soothe herpes sores that can help ease your mind. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - April 2, 2021
birth control pack from hellowisp

Birth Control Options You Should Know About

Birth control pills come in a few different formulations and are taken for many different reasons, based on lifestyle, physiology and more. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - March 24, 2021
your health doesn't determine your value -

Wispering Q & A With Autumn Morris

Autumn Morris is a sex and intimacy counselor from South Carolina. She sat down with wisp to discuss the reproductive challenges young women face today. Read More →

Kate Monahan - October 9, 2020
A pink neon washroom sign with two line figures.

Can Sex Cause a UTI?

If you’ve ever had a romantic getaway interrupted by this pesky infection, you may have wondered if sex can cause a UTI. Read on to find out! Read More →

Kathleen Morrison - April 19, 2021
two people touching chins

Can I Get an STD From Oral Sex?

Most STDs are super easy to diagnose and treat. So, let's talk about what kind of diseases you can get from oral sex, their symptoms, treatments, and preventive measures you can take to reduce your chances of getting an STI. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - July 13, 2020
Couple discussing safe sex

Can I Have Sex Yet? The STI Guide To Sex

When can I have sex again? What kind of protection do I need to use? Are certain types of sex off-limits? How do I talk about STDs? Will sex ever look the same again?! Read More →

Margeaux Fincher - May 20, 2020
antibiotics for the most common STDs

Antibiotics for the Most Common STDs

STDs are caused by microorganisms that bring about unpleasant symptoms. In most cases, the treatment involves a short course of antibiotics. Read More →

Kate Monahan - March 22, 2021
Dr. Laura Purdy answering questions about Urinary Tract Infection treatment

Ask A Doctor: Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

UTIs are the second most common type of infection in the body and account for about 8 million doctor visits a year! At wisp, our doctors answer questions about UTI treatment every day, so we’ve collected a few of your most asked questions all in one place. Read More →

- May 18, 2021
Woman in bedroom concerned about vaginal pimples

Pimples On Your Vagina? Here's What They Can Mean

We all know pimples are pesky little things that can pop up on your face or your back. But when they show up on your vagina, they can create a whole new level of worry. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - August 19, 2020
Lips with red lipstick with tongue sticking out.

How to Treat Fever Blisters Before They Fully Develop

Approximately 20% of adults across the country suffer from fever blisters. Learn about how to treat a fever blister before it fully develops! Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - May 12, 2021
Cat in bread, lying down

What It Means When You Have A Lot Of Yeast Infections

Even though Yeast Infections are easily treated with antifungals, they're never convenient to deal with. Understanding how to cure a yeast infection with online telehealth means you can focus on more important things in your life! Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - July 20, 2020
A banana wearing a condom

How Effective Are Condoms?

How effective are condoms, really? When used properly condoms aren't just great at preventing pregnancy, they're the best defense we have at preventing the spread of STI's. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - May 12, 2021
Woman deciding what to do when you have Genital Herpes

What To Do When You Have Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is a lot more common than some might think. For those living with herpes, there are steps that can be taken to relieve outbreak pain and protect partners from transmission. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - April 2, 2021
Person looking up trichomoniasis causes, symptoms, and treatment on a laptop.

What are Trichomoniasis Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment?

For sexually active folks, STIs are an uncomfortable part of dating. Trichomoniasis is a common STI that is often ignored or mistaken for BV. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - March 18, 2021
Self care is the best home remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis

Self Care has Never Been So Discreet

Lifestyle choices and physiological factors can cause susceptibility to bacterial vaginosis. Prevention and early treatment are the best solution, delivered discreetly to your doorstep by wisp. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - April 2, 2021
A woman looking up how to get rid of a UTI without visiting a doctor on her phone sitting on a bed.

How to Get Rid of a UTI Without Visiting a Doctor

UTIs are uncomfortable and often painful. Today, you can quickly get doctor-prescribed UTI medication without having the hassle or expense of going into a clinic. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - March 29, 2021
Man and woman wrapped in blankets not letting cold sores interfere with their lifestyle.

Don’t Let Cold Sores Freeze You Out of Life

Preventing and dealing with cold sores is all about timing. But convenient access to cold sore antivirals can get you back to living a full life. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - April 5, 2021
wisp stands for the rights of all humans

What the 2020 Election Means for Your Sexual Health

What reproductive rights are on this year's ballot? How about 50 years of progressive, equitable access to family planning and basic health care for Americans. Read More →

Olivia Ware - October 22, 2020
woman experiencing UTI pain in bed

How Dangerous Are Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)?

If you’ve ever had a UTI (urinary tract infection) you know what an unpleasant distraction they can be. If your infection gets spreads, medical attention is essential to avoid long-term damage to your kidneys.  Read More →

Jessie McCall - March 4, 2020
Colorful capsules with smiling faces.

Is an Antibiotic the Best Method to Deal With UTI?

Antibiotics are very useful for dealing with a bacterial infection like a UTI but they are not all that is required. Doctors often recommend preventive methods, like UTI medications, to help keep the body in balance. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - June 6, 2021
two women in bed with legs touching

Is Birth Control Killing Your Libido?

Feeling extra rev'd up (or down) lately? Get the low down on lower sex-drive and the influence of birth control or other medications. Plus helpful tips if you notice changes in your sex drive since the onset of new birth control. Read More →

Olivia Ware - November 6, 2020
Lemons with a white tube of acyclovir cream.

Acyclovir Cream: The Best Option For Herpes

Acyclovir cream is a topical antiviral medication that, when applied to the affected areas, can stop the growth of the viral outbreak on your skin. What is acyclovir cream and how can it help? Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - May 6, 2021
Woman lying on bed with PID symptoms.

Symptoms of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (And How to Prevent It)

PID can be a serious long-term effect of an untreated STI. Not many people know about the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease so we think it's time to spread awareness! Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - April 6, 2021
Couple kissing lying on their backs

Can You Get an STD From Kissing?

With all the commentary, jokes and punchlines about STDs, it's sometimes difficult to remember all the ways you can get one! But if you can get an STD from oral sex, can you also get get an STD from kissing?  Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - August 20, 2020
Woman with arm across closed legs

Why Is My Vagina Itching?

When you're itchin' down below, that itch that just never feels scratched is generally known as, "vaginitis," and is the result of inflammation in the body. The main risk of any vaginal inflammation that goes undiagnosed is an increased risk of getting an STD Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - August 16, 2020
woman logging on

Telehealth: A Timely (and Discreet) Solution To The American Health Insurance Gap

For many non-elderly Americans without health insurance, accessing timely and affordable care is an insurmountable cost. For others, a burden of shame prevents them from speaking up. Telehealth provides the solution to both. Read More →

Viggy Hampton - September 1, 2020
searching for affordable health care insurance in America

Affordable Health Insurance: My Harrowing Hunt for Coverage

How hard is it to find affordable health care insurance in America? How about one that checks all the boxes for fast, reliable reproductive care? Olivia Ware share's her perspective. Read More →

Olivia Ware - October 30, 2020
Woman suffering from untreated pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease & The Reproductive Cost of Untreated STIs

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which can lead to infertility, refers to complications in the female reproductive tract resulting from an untreated bacterial infection—oftentimes you won't even realize you are at risk. Read More →

Olivia Ware - September 3, 2020
restroom sign: burning while peeing may be a sign of infection

It's Burning When I Pee, What Should I Do?

Pain while peeing isn't just annoying and unpleasant, it can be really scary if you don't know what's causing it. Here are the top 4 reasons you may be experiencing a little extra fire when you go #1 Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - July 3, 2020
Empowering women's reproductive health

Wispering Q & A With Symone Walker

Symone W opens up about the challenges young women face, home remedies she's tried and her journey toward sexual and reproductive care balance. Read More →

Jessie McCall - May 14, 2020
Couple lying in bed, discussing herpes in a relationship

The Cultural Silence of Herpes Diagnosis

Did you know 75% of Americans live with Herpes? It’s likely you will come into contact with herpes while dating - Start the conversation & have a plan to prevent herpes outbreaks. Read More →

Lizzie De la Cruz - May 10, 2020
What Is The Difference Between An STI and STD

What's The Difference Between An STI and STD

You may have heard both "STI" and "STD" thrown around in conversation, but "what's the difference between "STI" and "STD," you ask? Should these two terms be used interchangeably? Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - September 15, 2020
woman in tub with book, thinking about STI treatment

Common Symptoms Of STIs in Women

Many STIs don't cause noticeable symptoms & are easily ignored by sexually active humans. Learn what you can do to identify common symptoms of STIs in women to avoid long-term health issues & get online STI treatment. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - August 10, 2020
woman with head in sheets

Are Yeast Infections Contagious?

If you've had a yeast infection, you know how uncomfortable the symptoms can be. But, you're not alone—nearly every human in the world will experience a yeast infection at least once in their lives. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - August 7, 2020

Ask A Doctor: STIs

The CDC estimates that at any given time, about 1 in 5 people has an STI. At wisp, our doctors answer questions about STIs about STI treatment every day, so we’ve collected a few of your most asked questions all in one place! Read More →

- May 28, 2021
Learn about birth control and antibiotic interaction at

Birth Control and Antibiotics - What You Need To Know

There are several myths circulating around the combined use of antibiotics and birth control. We're here to debunk these myths and help ease your mind. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - September 8, 2020
woman sitting on car punching

The #1 Way to Kick Herpes’ Butt & Stop Outbreaks

Prevent herpes outbreaks by teaching your body to fight back. Cold sores cause pain physically and emotionally - get help to stop pain and take back control of your life Read More →

Kate Monahan - April 15, 2020
Woman looking shocked that herpes is not part of normal STD screening

Which Major STD Isn't Part of Normal Screening?

Enjoy a healthy sex-life for you and your partner by staying informed of which STD's are screened for and which aren't. Learn why dissecting your sexual history may not lead to clarity about ongoing symptoms. Read More →

Lizzie De la Cruz - February 27, 2020
woman thinking | prevent herpes outbreaks

How to Control Herpes Outbreaks with Meds

Did you know oral and genital herpes outbreaks can be easily controlled with meds? Learn what questions to ask & how to begin treatment to start living a better life now! Read More →

Alaia Merz - April 13, 2020
wisp online herpes medication options

A Guide to Herpes Medication & Treatment

Wondering which herpes medication is right for you? Dive into your herpes treatment options, including the different prescription antivirals and all natural remedies to stop and prevent cold sores and genital herpes outbreaks. Read More →

Margeaux Fincher - August 6, 2020
Health Savings and Flexible Spending Accounts used to pay for online treatment

Use HSA & FSA for Online Prescription Medication

Looking for an easy way to pay less money for your medical expenses? Try using a Health Savings Account (HSA), or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) when you buy prescription medication online with wisp. Read More →

Kate Monahan - May 31, 2020
Girl sitting in a bath looking worried.

What Happens When You Don’t Treat a Yeast Infection?

Suffering the effects of untreated or chronic yeast infections is unnecessary, not to mention that leaving this infection untreated can have other surprising negative effects. Effective yeast infection treatments can even be discreetly delivered to your door today, thanks to wisp. Read More →

Lizzie De La Cruz - June 18, 2021
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