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Abortion On the Ballot in 2022

By Kathleen Morrison
October 17, 2022

Midterm elections are right around the corner (Election Day is November 8!) and reproductive healthcare is a key issue this year. Do you know what’s on the ballot in your state?

In 2022, there are 5 ballot measures related to abortion access and protection—the most on record in a single year. Back in August, the people of Kansas voted decisively (59 to 41 percent) against an amendment that would have made it impossible for the state to establish a state constitutional right to abortion. It was a major victory for protecting access to reproductive healthcare in Kansas, but the work isn’t done yet.

Four more states (California, Michigan, Vermont, and Kentucky) will be voting on issues regarding states’ rights to abortion. CA, MI, and VT will be the first states to decide on ballot measures to establish state constitutional rights to abortion. Voters in Kentucky (where abortion is currently illegal) will be deciding on an amendment similar to the one that was rejected in Kansas in September.

Montana’s proposed law could harm access

Currently, in Montana, abortions are legal until fetal viability (usually 24-26 weeks). HB167, or the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, would consider an infant born alive at any stage of development as legal persons. This measure would require that medical care be provided to the infant, even following an attempted abortion. It also targets abortion providers who could face up to 20 years in prison or a $50K fine (or both) if they violate the law. While HB167 doesn’t directly attack abortion access, it contributes to an environment of fear that makes it difficult for doctors to confidently provide abortion-related care.

Where do abortion rights stand state-by-state?

  • Near-total abortion bans have been enacted in at least 14 states.
  • An abortion ban after six weeks has been enacted in Georgia.
  • Florida's 15 week ban went into effect.
  • Utah banned the procedure after 18 weeks.
  • Abortion in North Carolina is currently legal up to 20 weeks.
  • Eight more states have bans (of varying degrees) that have been temporarily blocked by courts and judges.
  • Note: Abortion is currently legal in 24 states, plus Washington DC. Though some of those states still have restrictions on things like the state’s ability to use gov funds to pay for abortions.

Your voting resources

With so much going on, it can be hard to find reliable, trustworthy sources of information about voting in your state. Check out our list of resources below to read up on your local issues before November 8!

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