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Artist Feature: Allie Sullberg

By Allie Sullberg + Kathleen Morrison
If you order something from wisp in the next few months, you may notice your box looking a little different than you’re used to. We’ve started our Artist Partnership Program, collaborating with artists whose work reflects unseen perspectives on life. Their designs will be featured on the inside of our box to represent our goal of making healthcare more affordable, accessible, and inclusive. Look out for a new, limited-edition artist design every 3 months with your wisp orders!
Allie Sullberg at work
Our very first artist collaboration is with Allie Sullberg! Allie is an illustrator, designer, and artist based in San Francisco. Her favorite activities include biking around to garage sales, exploring cities, trying new foods, and listening to music in the park while eating cheese and drinking wine. You can find her on IG @alliesullberg and give her a follow to enter her colorful, surrealist world!
We wanted to learn a little more about Allie's artistic process so we sat down with her to get a sneak peek into her inspiration and how she takes care of her health to keep her creative juices flowing.

Q: How do you define health?

When I think of health, I picture a body smiling and glowing. I think of health as the nourishment and protection of our minds and bodies, which looks different for every person!

Q: What do you do to stay healthy (however you define it)?

Running a few times each week, cooking and eating lots of healthy and delicious food, drinking plenty of water, wearing sunscreen, forgiving myself, and spending time with loved ones are a few actions that make my mind and body feel healthy. Over the years, I have become more attuned to my body’s needs and better at weeding out health trends that aren’t suited for my physical or mental health. What works well for one person won’t necessarily work well for me, so I try to lean into what I know works well for my body and mind.

Q: What roles do art and creativity play in keeping you healthy and happy?

Creativity is at the core of my mental health and happiness. It’s something that I can always turn to to center myself, gain perspective, and create joy. I think that making things is a healthy reminder that we have the power change things for the better- from our thoughts, to our surroundings, and beyond.
Allie illustration
Image from Allie Sullberg's Instagram (@alliesullberg)

Q: What big things, topics, or ideas inspire you? What are you inspired by day-to-day?

I am inspired by San Francisco and cities in general, community, my grandparents, vintage posters, and allowing myself to get bored. On a daily basis, I am inspired by making something out of nothing, constantly learning, and joyfully experimenting.

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