a woman's hand reaching for Wisp products inside a box featuring Rosie Le's artwork on a pink and red background

Artist Feature: Rosie Le

By Rosie Le + Kathleen Morrison
October 12, 2023

At the beginning of 2022 we launched our Artist Partnership program, a project designed to highlight diverse artists whose work reflect unique perspectives on life. Their designs are featured on the inside of our box to represent our goal of making healthcare more affordable, accessible, and inclusive. A new, limited-edition artist design is now available with your Wisp order!

Wisp is happy to welcome Rosie Le to our Artist Partnership Program! Rosie is a Chinese-Vietnamese first-generation American raised in LA. She’s been working as an artist/designer for the past 8 years, but she’s always loved creating and finds herself inspired by nature and music. Her art serves as an outlet for her to be expressive and connect with community.

Rosie rejuvenates her health physically + mentally by riding her bike around LA with friends and making time to do those things she enjoys most. Thank you for being a Wisp partner, Rosie!

How do you define health?

One of the reasons why I ride bikes is so that I can live a healthy lifestyle. It not only helps me physically, but mentally. It helps me relieve stress and clear my head when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Health is not only defined by the condition of my body, but also how I feel emotionally. I've learned to prioritize mental health and make time to do things I enjoy.

What roles do art and creativity play in keeping you happy and healthy?

Art and creativity allows me to be expressive and serves as an outlet to connect with other artists. There's a large community of designers and lettering artists that I'm inspired by and I love to see how creative others are with lettering/typography.

See Rosie’s art in your next Wisp order and find her on Instagram @rosiegoldbutton!

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