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What is the Fastest Way to
Cure Gonorrhea?

By Lizzie De La Cruz
March 22, 2021

There’s a lot of advice on the Internet. But where do you go to get answers to your most personal questions? What if you are looking for treatment for gonorrhea? It’s the type of question many of us would only type into an “incognito browser.” But don’t worry, millions of humans are affected by gonorrhea—and the internet is full of helpful answers about where to get more information, as well as treatment for gonorrhea that is private and effective. What is the fastest way to cure gonorrhea when you can’t go to the doctor? If you can’t see a doctor in person, online STD consultation may be an option for you.

What is gonorrhea?

Basically, gonorrhea is an infection caused by sexually transmitted bacteria that can infect anyone of any gender. It can spread through oral, anal, or genital sexual contact, orally, anally, or vaginally. A mother can even pass it to her baby while in labor. Treatment for gonorrhea is essential because this STD leads to greater health problems, like infertility if left untreated.

Abstain from sexual contact until cured

Gonorrhea is completely curable with prescription medications, which allow you to live a full and pleasurable sex life. Be aware, however, that treatment for gonorrhea is the only way to resume sexual activity again. The bacteria live in the uterus, fallopian tubes and cervix, and also in the mucus membranes in the rectum, throat, mouth and eyes, so it is not enough to avoid vaginal sex. Be sure to have tests done to verify whether or not you have it.

Treatment for gonorrhea works

Treatment for gonorrhea is important because there are many health risks possible if this infection is ignored. It spreads throughout the body, infecting the heart, skin, blood, and joints. It is important to test for this STD even if no obvious symptoms present. Online doctors will talk you through it.

What is the fastest way to get rid of gonorrhea?

Be sure to begin by having a lab diagnosis done. A urine test, or a throat or rectum swab, can determine if unhealthy bacteria are present. With such a serious infection, it’s best to not rely on home remedies or home treatments for gonorrhea. Prescription antibiotics are considered the only proper treatment for gonorrhea. Always take the full course of medication because that is the fastest way to cure the bacteria and ensure it is gone.

Although antibiotics are the only way to fully clear this infection, you can restore balance back to your body by taking probiotics in addition, to help restore healthy bacteria to your gut.

How long does it take to treat gonorrhea?

The amount of time that the antibiotics need to be taken depends on the severity of the infection. One full dose can be enough for the treatment of gonorrhea, but certain infections may require oral antibiotics for a week or more.

If you can’t see a doctor?

While you can’t trust every piece of advice on the Internet, today it is possible to talk to a doctor online and get the prescription you need online. With Wisp STD consultation, STD advice is always discreet—you can ask questions, get a lab referral for testing and pick up your meds the same-day. Our US-based doctors see and treat thousands of patients for STD and reproductive health issues every month. If you can’t get to the doctor in person—or just don’t want to—start a consultation today and start feeling better fast.

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