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Everything You Need to Know
About Online Abortion

By Kathleen Morrison
February 9, 2022

The expansion of online care has made it easier than ever for people to access the medicine they need and connect with doctors easily from home—why shouldn’t it also help people get abortions? COVID-19 has fast-tracked the adoption of telemedicine services and as of February 2021, use of telemedicine was 38 times higher than it was in January 2020! Abortion is moving online—we’ve got everything you need to know.


If you’re thinking about your reproductive care options, cost is a major factor. Abortion costs vary widely, depending on the type of abortion you need (or have access to), the state where you are receiving it, whether or not you have insurance, and the ever-changing laws that govern abortion. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Medication Abortion — a.k.a. the abortion pill. The average cost is $535, but can range from $75-$1,633 or higher.
  • Aspiration Abortion — a.k.a. suction abortion, Manual Vacuum Aspiration, or MVA. The average range is is $435 to $955; the mean cost to perform it 10 weeks into pregnancy is $508.
  • D&E Abortion — a.k.a. Dilation and Evacuation procedure. The cost of this procedure ranges from $500-$3000 or more, depending on how far along the pregnancy has progressed.
  • Late Abortion (occurring after 16-24 weeks) — Cost ranges from $8,000 - $15,000 because the procedure happens over the course of several days and involves multiple steps. This type of abortion is extremely rare and difficult to access due to restrictive state laws.

Online medication abortions can be offered at a lower cost because care is provided remotely—care providers don’t need to assume the costs of a physical clinic. Wisp is able to provide medication abortions for $200—about $335 cheaper than average.

Side Effects

While medication abortions are largely considered safe and low-risk for complications, the medicines in the abortion pill can cause unpleasant effects, like:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache

All of these side effects are normal and should subside once the abortion has run its course. However, if you experience heavy bleeding (soaking two or more pads an hour for two hours), severe abdominal or back pain, fever lasting more than 24 hours, or foul-smelling vaginal discharge, you should contact a doctor—these can all be signs of complications that require medical help.

There’s also the risk that your abortion isn’t successful or isn’t complete. Although this is a very rare complication, if this is the case, you’ll need to have an in-clinic surgical procedure (a suction abortion or a D&E abortion). Your healthcare provider will educate you on the next steps to take.

Am I eligible for an online abortion?

Guidelines vary from state to state, but you may be eligible for medical abortion with Wisp! For health and safety reasons, you’ll have to meet a few requirements to order abortion medicine from us:

  • You are the person who’s pregnant and are over 18 years old
  • You are in one of the states we are able to serve (currently, that means CA, CO, CT, IL, ME, NM, WA, NY, and MD)
  • You are less than 10 weeks pregnant, based on your last period or ultrasound
  • You have a doctor or hospital within a 60-minute drive, access to a phone, and can have someone with you in case of emergency
  • You do not have an IUD
  • You do not take steroids or blood thinners
  • You do not have any medical conditions such as porphyria, adrenal failure, or severe anemia
  • You do not have any allergies to the medications—mifepristone or misoprostol

Once you answer our eligibility questions, you’ll be able to order our medical abortion kit that will ship directly to your door.

Do people ever regret their abortion?

Many people argue that abortion is psychologically harmful because people who get abortions often come to regret their decision and experience depression or trauma afterward. Politicians and legislators often have passed and tried to pass policies that mandate waiting periods prior to abortions based on the argument that patients need extra time to consider their decision because they may regret it later. This assumption is untrue and we’ve got the data to prove it. A report published in the journal Social Science & Medicine in 2020 found no evidence of emerging negative emotions over 5 years post-abortion, and in fact, relief was the most commonly reported emotion over all 5 years of the study. Of course, every person’s experience with abortion is unique, but the research supports the idea that you are the person most able to make the right decision for you and your life.

What are my other options?

Remember: you don’t have to get an abortion. You can always choose to keep your pregnancy or carry to term and give your baby up for adoption. You can learn more at the All Options Talkline. The decision is up to you and there is no wrong choice—make your decision based on what feels right for you.

How do I get an abortion online?

You can request an online abortion right here with Wisp. Answer a few questions about your health and order your medication. If you are eligible, you’ll receive our Medical Abortion Kit which includes abortion medicines, anti-nausea meds, painkillers, and a pregnancy test. You’ll also have 24/7 support from our medical team and the ability to connect with your licensed medical provider at any time to ask questions. We’ve always got your back—we’ll follow up 1 week and 4 weeks after treatment to check in on how you’re doing.

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