Wisp Medication Abortion kit contents on a red surface, on a pink background
Wisp Medication Abortion kit contents on a red surface, on a pink background
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Medical Abortion Service

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At-home medication + support

Schedule a consult with a Wisp doctor to begin. If a medical abortion is considered safe and appropriate, we'll ship FDA-approved meds to your door for at-home treatment. Medical abortion is 98% effective and complications are rare.

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Consultation Overview

Once your eligibility is determined, a licensed Wisp provider will follow up with you via secure messaging with next steps (a video visit is not required for care). Throughout treatment you will have access to support and have the ability to message your care team securely. We'll schedule 2 wellness check-ins to take place 1 week and 4 weeks following treatment.

Treatment Eligibility

  • At least 18 years old
  • Less than 10 weeks pregnant
  • Live in CA, CO, CT, IL, ME, NM, WA, NY, or MD

How do I know how far along I am?

If you experience regular periods (occuring approximately on the same day each month) it's usually possible to estimate how far along you are by using a pregnancy calculator.

Pregnancy Calculator

What's Included?

Medication FAQ

How It Works


Tell us about yourself

Read over the eligibility requirements for online care. Then answer a few quick questions and review treatment information.

Chat with your doctor

We’ll walk you through all the necessary steps you need to understand what comes next. It’s just like being at the clinic—without the clinic.

Treatment delivered

Once treatment is approved by your provider, meds ship free to your door. We’ll provide an at-home treatment guide and answer any questions you may have.

Privately connect with a provider online and get meds delivered to your door for $200. Request safe, discreet, and affordable treatment from home with support from our care team.

Please email care@hellowisp.com for questions about abortion.