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Is an Antibiotic the Best
Method to Deal With UTI?

By Lizzie De La Cruz
June 5, 2021

When a problem is preventable, and easily treated, should it be difficult to deal with? No! Trying to treat a UTI shouldn't be awkward or embarrassing. If you're experiencing your first infection, a UTI can be a bit scary and it may be hard to find the information you need about causes and potential treatment. Don’t worry — Wisp has the answers you need about UTI medications, causes, and prevention.

What is a Urinary Tract Infection?

UTIs occur when bacteria enter the urinary tract and multiply. When you have one, these harmful bacteria make urination very painful and also very frequent. They can be dangerous, and if they are not properly treated, they can return stronger and become more serious kidney infections. If you suspect you have a UTI, see a doctor sooner rather than later to get antibiotic treatment before the infection has a chance to progress. If you find yourself dealing with recurrent infections, you may want to ask about prevention methods and preventative treatment to avoid getting a UTI in the first place. Alternative UTI medications can be helpful if you're someone who experiences unpleasant side effects from antibiotics or if you're concerned about contributing to antibiotic resistance.

What is best?

For a urinary tract infection, the best method of dealing with it easily is to take an antibiotic, as they are the most effective at fighting a bacterial infection. Most UTIs are straightforward and will be easily knocked out. However, if they keep coming back, they can get worse and become an uncomfortable nuisance. Knowing when to add other types of UTI medications to your treatment plan can help prevent infections and maintain a healthy bladder.

What else can help?

In the body there is good bacteria and bad bacteria, and as long as things are in balance, everything is fine. A bacterial infection means that things are out of balance. Probiotics contain live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you. Probiotics help the balance of flora in the vagina, so a doctor may recommend probiotic or other UTI medications to help you fight the infection.

Boric acid suppositories are another way to help maintain a healthy vaginal environment and prevent UTIs. They keep your pH balanced so unhealthy bacteria don't have the opportunity to flourish.

Finally, d-mannose is another natural supplement that can contribute to a healthy urinary tract and bladder. D-mannose is a naturally occurring sugar that helps to flush bacteria from the urinary tract. Taking it before activities like sex or travel (whenever you know you're prone to a UTI) can help keep bacteria from gaining a foothold and causing an infection.

UTIs are common, so knowing how to deal with them is something everyone should know. Talk to a doctor online to get them treated quickly and effectively. Once you understand the cause and how they spread, then it is easy to get the UTI medications that you need so you can feel better, fast.

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