Self care is the best home remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis
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Self Care has Never Been So Discreet

By Lizzie De La Cruz
If there is a silver lining to the pandemic, it’s bringing home the importance of self care in our lives. Whether it’s our skin, our fitness, or let’s just say it, our vaginas, our bodies deserve regular attention. When our attention to self care slips, problems can arise before we know it. That includes the uncomfortable annoyance of bacterial vaginosis. Fortunately, treating bacterial vaginosis today can be as discreet as it is convenient when you rely on wisp’s online services for the doctor approved solutions you need, shipped right to your door in unmarked packaging.
Before we get to treating bacterial vaginosis, let’s explore some of the factors that cause it in the first place. After all, prevention is the best medicine. While the occurrence of bacterial vaginosis is annoying to say the least, there are things you can do to leave the days of treating bacterial vaginosis behind for good. Take back control with lifestyle changes, preventative probiotics, and prescription treatments that put you back on top. While an unbalanced pH is the main menace that allows bacterial vaginosis to disrupt your life, there are things we can do to regain that balance in our everyday lives, as well as products that help us stay, or get back, on track.


There are simple things we do every day without even thinking about it that can open the door for bacterial vaginosis. While perfumed hygiene products enhance our self-care routines with delicious aromas, the smell of bacterial vaginosis when it strikes is not so pleasant. Care should also be given to our genital washing routines to ensure we are avoiding douche products, as well as the clothing choices we make, all of which can affect pH down there. Sexual behaviors can also play a role. Don’t get caught up in the heat of the moment — sex without a condom, changing sexual partners, or having multiple partners all increase the risk of a bacterial vaginosis onset. It can be difficult to figure which lifestyle factor is the culprit for you, so don’t discount the valuable role personal health tracking and journals can play. Keeping track of your own patterns can help you if you need to self-diagnose or consult a doctor for treating bacterial vaginosis. And remember it’s all about balance — if having multiple partners is important to you, try giving up sweet-smelling soaps first! Obsessed with those sexy, skin-tight jeans? Make condoms a part of your sex life. Trial and error can help you find your happy and healthy balance.

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While there are lifestyle choices we can change up for the health of our bodies, there are still physiological factors that may be to blame for bacterial vaginosis infections. Heavy periods and hormonal changes can also play a role in unbalancing the pH and bacterial balances in the vagina, leaving the door open for infection. In these cases where we’re having trouble identifying and eliminating the cause, it’s best to involve a physician to advise us on how to proceed, as well as seek out products that help to prevent and treat infection. Also, if you find you’re treating bacterial vaginosis more than once, it may be that you need to seek other medications, prolong a treatment, and especially, be sure to finish prescribed meds.

Discretion delivered so you can get back to life.

Our bodies and lifestyles are all unique, so it can be difficult to determine the main triggers to infection. At wisp, we want to make treating bacterial vaginosis easy. We provide the self-care you need at home with the most effective, convenient, and discreet service and a selection of products. We offer doctor prescribed antibiotics that can eliminate uncomfortable symptoms fast. For those who seek to avoid antibiotics wherever possible, boric acid is an effective over-the-counter solution to restore pH, prevent infection and relieve symptoms. Finally, we offer general self-care maintenance to show love to your body with reproductive probiotics that support your immune health.
Avoid the doctor’s waiting room and pharmacy line ups. Find prescription medication for treating bacterial vaginosis and try our over-the-counter home remedies today.

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