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What it’s Like to Use the Morning-After Pill?

By Lizzie De La Cruz
Whether last night was the best time of your life, or moments you can’t wait to forget, it doesn’t mean its effects should last a lifetime. Maybe a condom broke, you’re not taking birth control or you’ve missed pills, or you simply feel the need to be extra careful. Whatever the reason, it’s always good to have a “plan B” through Plan B pill morning after contraceptive medication. 
When taken in the early days following a sexual encounter, Plan B’s active hormone levonorgestrel can effectively prevent an unwanted pregnancy in one step. Again, it’s a preventative measure and not an abortion pill, so taking the pill ASAP is important. At wisp, we think being prepared is always better than reacting in a stressful moment, but we’ve got you covered either way. Our convenient and discreet online ordering and delivery of Plan B allows you to order the pills ahead of time so you’ve got them on-hand in your medicine cabinet just in case. You can also pick up Ella (a different type of morning-after pill) at your closest pharmacy. While we don’t advocate Plan B’s use as regular birth control, it’s super valuable when desperate times call for desperate measures. Here’s what you can expect should you need to turn to your “plan B.”

Time is of the essence

Plan B pill morning after contraceptive medication can lower the chances of a pregnancy by nearly 90 percent. However, its efficiency is highly dependent on timing. It’s recommended to be taken within three days of the sexual encounter you’re concerned about, but can be effective up to five days later. However, the sooner the better is the best principle to ensure the pill can work effectively. It’s the top reason we recommend having a couple pills ready just in case you ever need them by ordering ahead. 

I’m turning to Plan B, now what?

As soon as you can after an unprotected sexual encounter, swallow one tablet of Plan B the same as any other oral medication. You should be able to breathe much easier knowing you’ve taken the necessary preventative measure, but if you still don’t have your period three weeks later, it’s probably time to take a pregnancy test.  

What about side effects of Plan B pill morning after contraceptive medication?

Taking a morning-after pill like Plan B has been proven as a safe and effective back-up alternative in the case of unprotected sex and an unwanted pregnancy. Even better, side effects are not common, and in the event there are side effects, they tend to be very mild in nature. In millions of people who’ve turned to Plan B, there are no reports of a serious issue as a result. Once you’ve taken the pill, your next period may arrive earlier or later than your previous expected cycle. In addition, do not be surprised by a difference in your flow’s lightness, heaviness, or even spottiness. Feeling lightheaded, dizzy, experiencing an upset stomach or tender breasts shortly after can occur, but if you become nauseated within the first two hours, the pill won’t work, and you’ll need to take another pill. 

Where do I get Plan B and how much does it cost?

Plan B is available for purchase over the counter with no prescription, ID requirements, age or gender limitations at drugstores and pharmacies. At wisp, we can have Plan B pill morning after contraceptive medication delivered ahead of time so it’s there just in case you need it, or with next-day delivery for those critical unexpected moments. While one pill tends to range between $20-and-$65 at the pharmacy, at wisp it costs only $17. For us, providing you peace of mind and discretion is behind everything we do. 

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