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What is the Difference Between Plan B and Ella?

By Lizzie De La Cruz
Unless you are trying to become pregnant, having unprotected sex isn’t the best plan, but we’re all human and accidents happen. Condoms break, pills get missed, and the next thing you know you’re at risk for unintended pregnancy. In these situations, havign access to emergency contraception like the Plan B pill or Ella is key.
Let’s look at the differences between these two emergency contraceptives: Plan B pills (levonorgestrel) and Ella (ulipristal). 
Both pills have the same purpose. They are meant to be used as emergency contraceptives after having unprotected, or unplanned sex. This should never be the main form of birth control, but an emergency contraceptive can be there if your primary method fails
Remember that neither of these pills can stop an existing pregnancy. They are both known informally as “morning-after pills” and they are not abortion pills.

Difference #1: Where the pills are available

The first and most significant difference is the ease of access. Plan B pills are offered over-the-counter and are sold at drug stores, pharmacies, or grocery stores. Anyone, of any age, can access the Plan B pills if they are sold at their pharmacy. Most drugstores offer Plan B for $50, but you can get it through wisp for just $17! Ella is available only through prescription. It’s effective for a longer period after sex and is recommended for people who are over 155 lbs (more on that later).

Difference #2 - Timing and safe amount of use

Plan B Pills are more easily accessible because they work only if taken within three days, or 72 hours of unprotected sex. They can also be taken as many times as needed during the menstrual cycle. Of course, relying regularly on Plan B is not a good idea. 
Ella pills contain a medication of 30 mg of ulipristal and will be effective if taken within five days of unprotected sex. Take the Ella pill one time only during your cycle, as soon as possible after you receive the pill.
Plan B Pills and Ella both work by preventing or delaying ovulation. This means that there is no egg available to be fertilized. Ella, however, also may thin the lining of the uterus and this is the reason why it is effective for five days afterward instead of three. Even if the egg is fertilized the thinner lining makes it harder to implant and begin a pregnancy. 

Difference #3 - Plan B Pills have a weight limit

Plan B pills are most effective for patients under 155 pounds. Ella may be a better choice for those over 155lbs. If Plan B is the only emergency contraceptive you have access to and you are over 155lbs, it can still be effective and it’s certainly better than skipping emergency contraception altogether. If possible, ask a healthcare provider about your specific situation and follow their guidance.
Even though Plan B pills and Ella pills should be easily accessible, there may be concerns about purchasing them, and having them when needed. That is where wisp can help. We’ll connect you with a doctor online to prescribe what you need and answer any questions you have. You can also purchase Plan B before you need it so you have it in your medicine cabinet for life’s emergencies.

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