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Your 7 College Hook-Up

By Kathleen Morrison
August 31, 2022

College is an exciting time for exploring your independence, expanding your mind, and navigating your sexuality! While you’re figuring out your likes, dislikes, and boundaries, it’s important to stay safe and set yourself up for success. This is our list of must-haves when it comes to sex at college.

  • Condoms: An obvious one, but you don’t want to be caught without! Condoms prevent pregnancy and STIs and are usually easy to find on campuses—check out your student health center or common areas in your dorm. Plus, they can easily be converted into dental dams for oral sex using a pair of scissors (yes, you can get STIs from oral sex!).
  • Lube: Just as important as condoms (but less talked about), lube serves to make intimate encounters easier and more pleasurable! Not only will it reduce friction and spice up your sex life, it also reduces the chances of a broken condom to protect you from pregnancy. (Psst—Wisp’s silicone-based Harmonizing Lube is non-irritating and waterproof 😉)
  • Emergency Contraception: Did you know you can get Plan B over the counter before you need it? Don’t wait until the morning after—keep it in your overnight bag or medicine cabinet so you can take it right away when it’s most effective.
  • Vaginal health preventatives: Let’s be honest—sex in the real world just isn’t as neat and tidy as it is in the movies. Swapping sweat, fluids, and germs is part of it and that can lead to serious imbalances in your vagina. Incorporating holistic care like Boric Acid, probiotics, and D-Mannose (powerful UTI prevention!) into your routine can help maintain vaginal health.
  • Fresh undies: Don’t underestimate the power of clean underwear! Keeping things clean and dry down there prevents bacteria from growing to keep infections from taking hold. Throw a pair in your bag if you aren’t sure where the night might take you so don’t have to sleep in dirty underwear overnight.
  • Personal wipes: We’ve already talked about how sex can be messy. Keeping a pack of towelettes on hand makes cleanup that much easier. Just make sure they are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic to avoid irritating your most sensitive areas. Oh, and even if they say they are flushable, never flush a wipe down the toilet!
  • Mouthwash: Having an adult sleepover? Throw a travel sized mouthwash in your bag! A toothbrush and toothpaste is annoying to carry around, but mouthwash is quick and easy, and helps you avoid that fuzzy mouth feeling in the morning.

Bonus: Near-sighted babes, listen up! Keeping a small bottle of contact solution in your bag (plus a contact case if you’re an overachiever) will keep you from sleeping in your contacts, and comes in surprisingly handy for both parties and long nights at the library.

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