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Is it BV or Yeast?

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When it comes to BV vs. yeast infection, it can be hard to tell the difference. Both infections come with itching, burning, and unusual discharge. We know the struggle which is why we created a quick BV or yeast infection test. Just answer the questions below to learn more about your symptoms!

Do I have a Yeast Infection or BV?

It's important to be able to tell the difference: BV, or bacterial vaginosis, happens when you get thrown off balance and there is an overgrowth of "bad" bacteria in your vagina. On the other hand, yeast infections are fungal infections caused by an overabundance of yeast, also called Candida. BV treatment requires an antibiotic and yeast infection treatment requires an antifungal—if you treat for the wrong infection, you won't get relief!

Signs of BV or Yeast Infection

  • Unusual discharge odor (BV)
  • Thin gray or green genital discharge (BV)
  • Chunky white genital discharge (Yeast)
  • Genitals are itchy (Yeast)

BV vs. Yeast

Yeast or BV FAQ

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Generally, bacterial vaginosis (BV) is characterized by an odor, while yeast infections typically cause itching. It's usually this simple. While yeast infections can be painful, BV is not associated with pain. Without treatment, BV not only results in discomfort and odor, but it also leads to inflammation, heightening the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Dr. Suneer Chander, MD

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