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Antiviral All-Natural Herbals | HSV-1

Make preventing cold sores second nature

A strong immune system is the best defense against cold sore outbreaks. We've bottled nature's secret to supporting key areas of the body responsible for reducing healing time and frequency between outbreaks.*


While prescription antivirals are the best treatment for Cold Sore outbreaks, lifestyle changes and over the counter herpes remedies can influence the body's immune response. Anytime you experience one or more Cold Sores it is considered an outbreak. HSV Type-1 has no cure, but managing the frequency and severity of outbreaks is possible with the appropriate herpes treatment.

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Cold sores are common. But outbreaks are easily decreased in intensity and duration with antiviral medication. We prescribe FDA approved meds based on the frequency and severity of symptoms.

Dr Mary Clifton

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