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bottle of wisp lidocaine pain cream for men

Lidocaine Pain Cream | HSV-1

Skip the pharmacy line and stop cold sore pain

Cold Sore pain? Get fast treatment with prescription pain cream for oral herpes. This small bottle packs a punch, with prescription strength pain relief to get you back to your life. Free shipping, discreet delivery, done.


Did you know even a single Cold Sore is considered an outbreak? More commonly, herpes outbreaks produce multiple sores and cause mild discomfort to extreme physical pain. Lidocaine pain cream is a prescription ointment that numbs the affected skin tissue and puts the nerves that cause pain in a headlock. While there is no cure yet for HSV-1, at least you can manage cold sore pain to focus on more important not being in pain.

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Cold sores are common. But outbreaks are easily decreased in intensity and duration with antiviral medication. We prescribe FDA approved meds based on the frequency and severity of symptoms.

Dr Mary Clifton

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