What are cold sore symptoms?

Cold sores, or HSV-1, are painful blisters that form inside the mouth or around the lips. Also known as, "fever blisters", "lip ulcers" and sometimes "canker sores", all cold sores are caused by exposure to the Herpes Simplex Virus. Anytime a single cold sore appears it is considered an outbreak, but outbreaks usually include multiple sores. HSV-1 causes physical discomfort and can be emotionally painful as well. Outbreak severity usually depends on how many previous outbreaks have occurred, or how quickly Antiviral medication is taken.


  • Painful blisters on the mouth, lips, nose or throat


  • Fever and body aches (similar to flu-symptoms)


  • Mouth and throat pain


  • Blisters eventually pop and scab over in begin healing


  • Cold sore symptoms last about 12 days


  • Swelling in the neck

Hot to stop cold sore outbreaks?

The good news is that cold sores can be successfully treated and suppressed with meds to limit the extent of future outbreaks and transmission. The quicker you take the medication, the less severe (if at all) the outbreak. Unless actively treated, oral herpes can pass between humans through kissing or sharing a drink. And, because of Viral Shedding, herpes tranmission can take place even if no sores are present.

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