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How to Soothe Herpes Sores

By Lizzie De La Cruz
April 1, 2021

When your genital herpes causes sores that are red and painful, it can really put a hold on your life. The first time you experience a genital outbreak can cause intense discomfort, but once you have a treatment plan in place, you can live a pain-free life again! Here are a couple of things you should know about herpes sores that can help ease your mind.

How to Get Rid of Herpes Sores

First, just because you have herpes sores now doesn't mean you always will. Sure, the herpes virus doesn't have a cure, and this sexually transmitted disease (STD) will live on in your body, but it's impossible for one outbreak to tell you how many other outbreaks you'll have in your lifetime. Over time, as your body adjusts to having herpes, the outbreaks will be less frequent. That's good news if you want to keep getting frisky because when you aren't having an outbreak, there is less chance of transmission, especially when your sexual partner is wearing a condom (correctly, of course).

The second thing you should know is that, just as genital herpes outbreaks occur less frequently over time, they are also less intense over time. While these current herpes sores are inflamed, super irritable and unpleasant, it's likely that your future episodes are not going to be as bad as the very first one. With some good habits—and by knowing how to soothe your herpes sores—you'll be better able to experience a life with very few (if not zero) outbreaks.

Let's explore ways you can soothe your herpes sores and get back to living without them fast.

Ways to Soothe Herpes Sores

If you're experiencing a genital herpes outbreak and shaking your fist at the inconvenience of it all, just take a breather and relax. Yes, it's painful. Yes, you may feel embarrassed. And yes, you may be very disappointed in having to abstain from sex with your partner until your sores go away. But getting worked up and stressed can actually make symptoms worse or keep your sores around way longer than you'd ever want them to be.

One of the best ways to avoid pain is by taking antivirals at the first "tingle" or sign of an outbreak. This means you should monitor any symptoms in the future to figure out what your body is telling you early and to time your treatments to help prevent the sores from turning into a full outbreak.

When your symptoms start to pop up, try these helpful tips to soothe sores:

  • Soothing ointment: Lidocaine pain cream is an extremely effective topical pain reliever that can be applied directly to a herpes sore to reduce the severity of the outbreak.
  • Warm and cold compresses: Both warm and cold compresses can soothe herpes blisters, keeping the painful symptoms at bay. They can also reduce swelling, too. You may find that your body responds better to one over the other or alternating between the two. So try what works best for you!
  • Over-the-counter pain relief: Consider getting a general pain reliever that contains ibuprofen or acetaminophen to minimize the painful symptoms you have.
  • Aloe vera: You may already have this helpful treatment because it's often used to soothe redness and pain from a sunburn (that was supposed to be a tan). The same goes for using aloe vera on genital sores. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help you feel better, faster. Be sure to use an all-natural source of aloe and avoid any extra additives.
  • Peeing in a bath: Kinda weird, but you may feel pain when you pee because your urine is running over your open sores, which can make you dread going to the bathroom. Ease the pain and discomfort with a quick, cozy bath. Try filling a tub with warm water, lowering yourself in it and urinating in there instead. It'll help you avoid irritating your sores and making them worse. With this little trick, you can pee in peace.

Aside from these helpful things you can try, be sure to avoid douching because this process is ineffective in healing or soothing genital sores. Plus, it can actually disrupt your vagina's natural pH and lead to other vaginal issues, such as a yeast infection.

How to Get Rid of Herpes Sores Fast

Tingling is one of the first signs of an outbreak—if you pay attention to how you feel downstairs, you can get ahead of your herpes outbreaks and take the proper steps to get rid of them quickly. Since everyone's body is different, there are no one-size-fits-all remedies to getting rid of herpes sores. But here are some great solutions you can try to see if they work for your body.

  • Lifestyle changes: One of the best things you can do to help your herpes sores heal fast is to adopt a lifestyle that supports your immune system. This means getting the proper amount of sleep most (if not every) nights and eating nourishing foods full of antioxidants.
  • A dry and clean vagina: You may be hesitant to clean down there because you don't want to make it worse. But when you gently wash with fragrance-free soap, you'll be making sure that your sores and your genital area remain clean. Once you're out of the shower or bath, dry completely before putting on fresh cotton underwear.
  • Baking soda: Your sores are open and swollen, so finding a solution that helps dry them out will naturally lead to a quicker healing process. Put just a little baking soda in a bowl, then dip a wet Q-tip into it and apply it to the affected area.
  • Medication: At Wisp, we have suppressive and episodic medication for your herpes. We also carry options to manage the severity of your sore symptoms and Lidocaine pain and Acyclovir creams to promote a faster healing process with less pain. Also, it's so important to take medication as prescribed to help your body heal fast. Even if your sores are going away quickly, keep taking your prescription for as long as you're supposed to.

The medical providers at Wisp want to help you feel better. Shop our medications for genital herpes so you can prevent and treat outbreaks. And, although genital herpes isn't anything to be ashamed of, all of our Wisp packaging is discreet, so your business stays your business.

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