Jar of Lysine capsules to treat oral and genital herpes on a pink background and red surface
Jar of Lysine capsules to treat oral and genital herpes on a pink background and red surface
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L-Lysine Cold Sores (HSV-1)

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A trusted, over the counter cold sore treatment.

Tired of ineffective cold sore home remedies? In certain individuals, high Lysine blood levels may help prevent the Cold Sore virus from replicating, while reducing the duration and severity of outbreaks.*

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Cold Sores, or HSV-1, are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus, which is known to hide in the spine. During times of stress or when the immune system is compromised, the herpes virus may cause an outbreak, resulting in one or more cold sores. Cold sores cause mild discomfort to severe physical pain. While few over the counter herpes treatments work, Lysine (especially as a combination therapy) has been linked to a reduction in Cold Sore symptoms.

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Cold Sore Symptoms

  • Painful blisters on the mouth, lips, nose or throat
  • Fever and body aches (similar to flu-symptoms)
  • Mouth and throat pain
  • Blisters eventually pop and scab over in begin healing
  • Cold sore symptoms last about 12 days
  • Swelling in the neck

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Cold sores are common. But outbreaks decrease in intensity and duration with antiviral medication. We prescribe FDA approved meds based on the frequency and severity of symptoms.

Andrea Sleeth, WHNP

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