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Metronidazole Gel for BV From

Metronidazole Gel (Metrogel)

Show BV who's boss with fast-acting Metrogel

Say bye bye to vaginal odor with Metrogel BV antibiotics. Get rid of a BV infection fast with topical cream. Clear uncomfortable symptoms and inflammation to prevent chronic BV and risk of STIs.


Like bad weather, BV just happens sometimes. Thankfully Bacterial Vaginosis is easy to treat with topical Metrogel. Left untreated, BV is not "dangerous," however it does cause vaginal inflammation that can make it easier to get an STI during sex. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when there’s an imbalance of “good” and “harmful” bacteria in the vagina. BV antibiotics fight off the bad guys and help your body restore balance.

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Left untreated, BV leads to discomfort & odor, but it also causes inflammation that makes it easier to acquire an STD

Dr. Mary Clifton M.D.

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