Bottle of Wisp OMG! Cream for better female orgasms on a red surface, on a pink background
Bottle of Wisp OMG! Cream for better female orgasms on a red surface, on a pink background
Graphic featuring a woman's hand holding OMG! Cream with info about the product on a pink background
Bottle of Wisp OMG! Cream sits on a pedestal in front of a blue explosion on a red backgroun
Woman's hand squeezes bottle of Wisp OMG! Cream while cream drips out on a pink background

OMG! Cream

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(Like female Viagra®)

Yep, Viagra’s for you too! OMG! Cream is a lightweight, topical prescription cream that increases blood flow to the clitoris. The magic ingredient, Sildenafil (generic Viagra®), boosts arousal and sensation. You’ll be saying, “OMG!”—over and over.

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How to have better orgasms

The orgasm gap is real—one study found that 20% of women say they don’t orgasm, while only 2% of men say the same. OMG! Cream is for anyone with a vagina looking to increase pleasure in their sex life, or simply for those having difficulty enjoying the experience of sex. Prescription arousal gels work where over-the-counter orgasm creams can’t—Sildenafil (female Viagra®) enhances sensation by boosting blood flow to the vagina and clitoris, increasing sensitivity and making it easier to tip you over the edge. Plus, our formula uses a hint of peppermint to naturally stimulate blood flow and give you all the "feels."

OMG! Cream Uses

  • Enhanced vaginal lubrication
  • Stimulates clitoral tissue
  • Increased arousal
  • Heightened sensitivity

Medication Details

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OMG Cream

I've always had trouble having an orgasm. Trying different types of arousal lubricants didn't provide me any better of an experience. I came across WISP and the OMG Cream researching different ways to achieve orgasms.

Yes, this product works. It works very well. I was able to climax multiple times. I was blown away because I've never experience anything like this. I know that everybody is different, but this product worked very well for me. I never had an issue with arousal, it was just never being able to climax. This cream helped to push me over the edge.

Kimberly - September 14, 2023


OMG Cream

Customer service was quick, pleasant, and attentive. I received my package in 5 days with no issues. Thank you WISP for an awesome product. I have become repeat customer. Thank you!!

Chata - September 14, 2023


OMG is right

I came across an add for OMG! cream, and I went to the site, filled out the questionnaire and within 3 days it showed up at my house. I tried it and omg! Seriously you need this cream. Get it now.

Dawn - August 24, 2023


This service was amazing

This service was amazing! I didn’t have time to go to the doc to get antibiotics and they were at Walgreens for me hours later! It was amazing! And the OMG cream is, well, OMGeeeeeee!!!! It’s amazing! 🥰

Sarah - February 13, 2023


OMG Cream

The OMG is fantastic! It absolutely does what it is supposed to. The process was smooth and discreet. I will be ordering again!

Wendy - January 14, 2023



Very convenient service and fast delivery. The OMG! Cream is O-mazing!

Jalyn - February 28, 2023

OMG! Cream FAQ

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Andrea Sleeth, WHNP

OMG! Cream can be a gamechanger for folks struggling with arousal at any stage of their life. All orgasms are not created equal—whether you need help getting started, rev'ing up, or crossing the finish line, OMG! does it all.

Andrea Sleeth, WHNP

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