Pherdal collection cup and syringe on a red surface with a pink background
Pherdal collection cup and syringe on a red surface with a pink background
A woman's hand holding the Pherdal insemination syringe in front of a pink background
Graphic showing the steps for using the Pherdal at-home insemination kit

The PherDal® At Home Insemination Kit

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Take your fertility into your own hands—literally

We're partnering with PherDal to deliver the science of insemination to the comfort of home. PherDal's At Home Insemination Kit is the only FDA-cleared and 100% sterile solution for at-home insemination—their patented sterile syringe delivers sperm directly to the cervix. By placing fresh or thawed sperm just 1 inch lower than IUI, at the cervical opening, you can help maximize your odds of becoming pregnant and enable nature to take its course.

FSA & HSA accepted.

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How does at-home insemination work?

At-home insemination is easy and painless. If you’ve used a tampon, you can use PherDal's at home insemination kit. On your three most fertile days of one cycle:

Collect: Place your semen sample in one of the included sterile cups.

Insert: Use one of the included syringes (the longest on the market!) to gently deliver sperm directly to the cervical opening.

Conceive: Afterward, lie down for 15-30 minutes, and you're done. Rest assured that PherDal's Kits are FDA-cleared and the only sterile option for insemination.

The key to PherDal's success rate is their patented sterility and ultra-smooth Insemination Syringe, which uses clinical precision to place more sperm at the cervical opening, increasing the probability of a successful conception.

What You're Getting

  • 3 patented Insemination Syringes
  • 3 sterile cups
  • 3 chances to conceive!

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PherDal At-Home Insemination Kit FAQ

Our Fertility Partner

Dr. Jennifer Hintzsche, Ph.D.

PherDal was founded by Dr. Jennifer Hintzsche, Ph.D. who had her own experience with infertility in 2017. She learned about a non-invasive option called intracervical insemination, but it wasn't available to do at home. She took matters into her own hands and ordered parts from her research lab to put together the first PherDal kit. In the second month of use, her daughter Lois was conceived.

Dr. Jennifer Hintzsche, Ph.D.