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Are You Supposed To
Wash Your Vagina?

By Kathleen Morrison
August 23, 2021

There’s a lot of information out there about the best ways to care for your vagina, and like much of the info on the internet, not all of it has your health in mind. Ads will tell you to douche (preferably with their special product!), jokes circulate about how vaginas smell, a friend may say she heard that eating pineapple makes you taste better, but is any of it actually true? At Wisp, your health is our number one priority, so we want to counter some false facts with accurate information about how to give your vagina some of the love it needs.

Are Vaginas Dirty?

The short answer? No. The longer answer? Hell no! Historically, Western society has long labeled vaginas as dirty, smelly, and even a major cause of STD spread. The reality? Vaginas are actually self-cleaning — what’s lower maintenance than that? The discharge of a healthy vagina helps keep it moisturized, clean from foreign bacteria, and at the optimal pH. In fact, using a douche or inserting cleansers inside the vagina increases your risk of infection and irritation because it disrupts your body’s natural maintenance. Throwing off your pH can lead to bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection — not fun.

But Vaginas Do Have a Smell

Yes, vaginas do smell like vaginas, but the odor shouldn’t be strong or unpleasant. If you do find you are experiencing unusual odor or unusual discharge, you may be dealing with bacterial vaginosis or another vaginal infection. Always talk to a doctor about changes or strange symptoms—they could be a sign that something’s wrong. You can always confidentially message a Wisp doctor through to ask questions about symptoms you’re experiencing, or order BV treatment for delivery or same-day pick-up!

What About Those pH Balancing Washes?

Even though vaginas are self-cleaning, it’s still very important to keep the vulva (the labia and surrounding genital area) clean of dirt and sweat. That’s where body washes can come in! Heavily scented soaps can often irritate the delicate skin around your genitals. Any soap you use down there should be free of artificial scents, dyes, and harsh cleansers. Much like douches, the wrong cleanser can cause irritation that can lead to vaginal infection, and just because something is labeled pH-balancing or pH-friendly, doesn’t mean it is.

What’s the Best Body Wash for pH Balance?

It can be difficult to know what to watch out for, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed in the body wash aisle, which is why Wisp has created our own Balancing Wash! It has no added fragrances or dyes to irritate your skin or throw you off balance. No SLS, silicones, or harsh exfoliants. Just the good stuff to keep you clean and healthy. Balancing Wash’s key ingredients were thoughtfully formulated by our medical team to be safe and beneficial:

  • Aloe soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin
  • Lavender is a natural antiseptic that maintains healthy skin
  • Marigold calms and protects against inflammation

If you're prone to vaginal infections, incorporating Balancing Wash into your routine may help maintain your vaginal health. Its mild lavender scent is all-natural and turns every shower into an opportunity to relax and smell the flowers.

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Balancing Wash

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