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Metronidazole Gel for
Bacterial Vaginosis: Side
Effects, Dosages, Warnings

By Lizzie De La Cruz
October 19, 2021

Bacterial vaginosis, simply referred to as “BV,” can happen to many people. One of the most common treatments for this issue is metronidazole gel, which people can take once prescribed by their doctors. But what exactly is metronidazole gel for BV? What are the side effects and recommended dosages? We walk you through everything that you need to know about this medicine so that you can make an informed decision before using it.

What is Metronidazole Gel for BV?

Metronidazole gel is the generic name for a prescription medicine used to treat the symptoms of a condition called bacterial vaginosis (BV). It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other medicines to treat the issue, depending on the recommendation of your healthcare provider.

Bacterial vaginosis is when the naturally occurring bacteria found in the vagina become overgrown, leading to inflammation. While most commonly occurring in people in their reproductive years, it can affect every age category. Causes can vary and aren’t fully understood but unprotected sex and frequent douching can lead to it happening more frequently.

Metronidazole gel for BV is a type of antibacterial that targets the bacteria causing BV.

Metronidazole gel for BV is applied intravaginally, meaning inside the vagina. Usually, the drug is provided in individual applicators that contain 5 grams of the gel. You simply use the entirety of one applicator to apply the gel. Prescriptions most commonly call for doing this once or twice a day for a full five days, at which point the overgrowth is usually contained and a balance is restored in the area. If inflammation and the condition persists after this time, additional medicines or alternative treatments may be explored with your healthcare provider.

What are Common Side Effects?

Metronidazole gel for BV is very safe for almost everyone who uses it. Being an antibacterial, the instances of allergic reactions are extremely rare. That said, if you experience any of the following extreme allergic reaction side effects, contact a health professional right away: rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, trouble breathing.

Besides very rare instances of allergic reactions, other side effects to metronidazole gel for BV include:

  • vaginal itching or discharge
  • headache
  • menstrual pain
  • cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing, or sore throat
  • rash
  • nausea
  • breast pain
  • diarrhea

If you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis, you will likely need a small prescription for metronidazole gel for BV. This common gel is applied intravaginally and can usually clear up the issue in a matter of days when used correctly. While it can cause rare instances of severe allergic reactions, most side effects are uncommon and uncomfortable. Be sure to talk to your medical professional about any questions or concerns that you may have about the gel and treatments for BV.

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