Skip your period for free this Memorial Day Weekend!

By Wisp
May 7, 2023

No one likes an unexpected guest during your vacation, which is why we’re promising to period-proof your Memorial Day Weekend—for free!

Beginning May 10 through May 26, 2023 (or while supplies last), we are celebrating the unofficial start of the summer travel seasons by providing travelers with free access to Wisp’s delay your period medication. Use it to safely and effectively skip your period for that girls' trip, pool party, or romantic getaway—your period doesn't need to get in the way of a single summer plan.

With this FDA-approved medication that can stop your period fast prior to your next flow, we’ll help you avoid the hassle of packing tampons for Memorial Day travel, ensure you can rock your favorite all-white looks without worry, and kick off summer stress-free.

What’s even better? As the fastest telehealth company on the market offering this medication, Wisp’s delay your period medication is available for pick up in as little as 1-2 hours at your preferred local pharmacy, meaning you can get it even after you’ve already reached your travel destination.

Want to period-proof your Memorial Day travel plans, compliments of Wisp? Access your free delay your period prescription by simply completing a quick consultation with one of our expert physicians and entering the code PERIODFREE at checkout (available while supplies last).

Code PERIODFREE is applicable only on Norethindrone purchases. One use per customer. Available while supplies last.

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