Your UTI Medication Options

By Lizzie De La Cruz
April 26, 2022

Having a urinary tract infection (UTI) is incredibly unpleasant. Having a vagina makes you much more prone to getting a UTI and leads to millions of people visiting urgent care for UTI symptoms every year. That’s a lot of uncomfortable people! Luckily for us, there are affordable UTI medications that can help with a current infection as well as a number of over-the-counter preventative treatments.

Proven UTI Medications

As is the case with most sexual healthcare, the Internet will tell you that there are many natural remedies out there. Many people swear by drinking a whole lot of water and/or cranberry juice when they have a UTI to flush out the infection. While extra hydration may give some degree of relief, natural and over-the-counter remedies aren’t necessarily reliable or recommended. They can take quite a while to work, if they end up working at all. That means more time suffering from abdominal pain, urgency, and painful urination.

The fastest way to be free of a UTI is with UTI medications. Speak with a doctor about your options. UTI medications are prescription antibiotics that are designed to get rid of the infection fast. You’ll usually start to feel better in a day or two after taking the medication compared to the 1-2 weeks it takes for an infection to clear up on its own. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the infection progressing to your kidneys (which requires a trip to the hospital). Your doctor will give you clear instructions about how often to take the UTI medication and for how many days. You want to be sure to take the entire course of medication to avoid the infection coming back.

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Prevention, Prevention, Prevention

If you find yourself prone to getting UTIs, you may want to consider doing a few things to help prevent future infections. In order to avoid getting UTIs, try some or all of the following recommendations: Stay properly hydrated. Drinking enough water each day is not just good for your urinary tract health but is great for your whole body.

  • Visit the bathroom to pee after sex—yes, every time!
  • Always wipe from front to back.
  • Urinate when you have to, don’t hold it.
  • Ask your Wisp doctor about preventative pills like probiotics, boric acid, or D-Mannose.
  • Keep clean, especially after having sex. Washing with soap and water goes a long way to keeping those UTIs away.
  • Avoid products that may irritate the area like douches and powders.
  • Talk to your Wisp doctor about switching up your birth control if you use spermicide or a diaphragm.
  • Take D-Mannose when you'll be engaging in activities that may put you at risk for a UTI—it helps flush bacteria from the urinary tract to stop infections before they start!

Unfortunately, some people are just more prone to getting UTIs than others. Don’t worry though – your Wisp doctor can help. UTI medications are quick and easy to get with Wisp!

Finding the Best Online Healthcare

If you know or even just suspect that you have a UTI, the best place to start is with Wisp. We offer fast, convenient, and affordable access to healthcare. You know your body best and our doctors understand that. Wisp connects you with high-quality doctors who can prescribe the UTI medications that are right for you.

Not only do we connect you with board-certified doctors licensed in all 50 states, we also can get your prescriptions to you incredibly fast. You don’t want to wait when you have a UTI—you’ll be able to pick up your prescription from your local pharmacy the same day! No fuss, no worry. You can have your UTI medication ASAP and start feeling great in no time.

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