Bottle of AV Defender to prevent oral and genital herpes outbreaks on a red surface, on a pink background
Bottle of AV Defender to prevent oral and genital herpes outbreaks on a red surface, on a pink background
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All-Natural AV Herbals | HSV-2

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Mother Nature's defense against going viral

A strong immune system is the best defense against genital herpes outbreaks. We've bottled nature's secret to supporting key areas of the body responsible for reducing healing time and frequency between outbreaks.*


While prescription antivirals are the best treatment for Genital Herpes outbreaks, lifestyle changes combined with over the counter herpes remedies can influence the body's immune response. HSV Type-2 has no cure, but managing the frequency and severity of outbreaks is possible with the appropriate herpes treatment.

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Genital Herpes Symptoms

  • Ulcers on the genitals, anus, buttocks, or thighs
  • Swollen or tender lymphs in the legs & groin
  • Headache & pain in your joints
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Pain when you pee
  • Fatigue

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Dr. Laura Purdy

Genital herpes is more common than you might think. Thankfully, outbreaks and transmission are easily treated with antiviral medication, so you can return to a normal, happy lifestyle.

Dr. Laura Purdy M.D.
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