Wisp D-Mannose, Boric Acid, and Original Harmonizing Lube on a red surface with a pink background
Wisp D-Mannose, Boric Acid, and Original Harmonizing Lube on a red surface with a pink background
3 hands holding Wisp Boric Acid, D-Mannose, and Harmonizing lube over a gradient background with text callouts regarding each product

Festival Bundle (OTS)

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Summer festival season is here, stay fresh with Wisp's infection prevention favorites.

No more summertime sadness—Wisp keeps you groovin', even when things don’t go as planned. Get UTI, Yeast, and BV prevention in one convenient bundle, along with our Original Harmonizing Lube in case festival romance strikes. We're feeling the vibes already. Plus, if you happen to come back with an infection, Wisp has your back with 20% off your next consult & treatment.*

*Discount applies only to prescription care for the following categories: UTI, Yeast Infection, BV, STD Treatment, Herpes, DoxyPEP. One use per patient. Expires 12.31.24

Bundle Price | $70.00◉ In Stock

A $78 Value!

How to feel confident during festival season

Sun, dehydration, long nights, and alcohol are just a few of the factors that can increase your risk of vaginal infections... and they are all often found at summer festivals! As fun as it is to see your favorite acts and dance the night away, partying can do a number on your health, which is where our Festival Bundle comes in.

D-Mannose and Boric Acid are natural preventatives that are backed by research and recommended by our Medical Team to maintain your defenses against UTI, Yeast, and BV.

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What you get

  • D-Mannose is our all-natural powerhouse that helps flush UTI-causing bacteria to maintain your urinary health
  • Boric Acid helps you keep your vaginal balance to prevent Yeast Infections and BV
  • Original Harmonizing Lube reduces friction for a smoother ride (a little goes a long way!)
  • An exclusive promo code for 20% off a post-festival consult & treatment

Treatment Details

Festival Bundle FAQ

Your Provider

Andrea Sleeth, WHNP

Keep the good vibes flowing by leaving UTIs behind and embracing a balanced microbiome to ensure your festival journey is nothing short of amazing.

Andrea Sleeth, WHNP

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