Hand reaching for Wisp's Pleasure Bundle products on a nightstand with colorful abstract shapes on a green and blue background

Pack & Play

Bundle & save on sexual wellness essentials that keep you going all night long.

Bundle up!

Wisp Norethindrone Acetate, Zofran, and Harmonizing Lube on a red and pink background

Delay & Vacay Bundle

Press pause on your period—perfect for romantic getaways, beach vacations, and anywhere else your heart takes you.

Bundle Price | $67.20

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Wisp OMG! Cream, Wisp Toy-Safe Harmonizing Lube, and of Wisp Balancing Wash on a pink background and red surface

Pleasure Bundle (OMG!)

Whether you need help getting started, rev'ing up, or crossing the finish line, this bundle does it all.

Bundle Price | $55.20

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Wisp D-Mannose, Boric Acid, and Original Harmonizing Lube on a red surface with a pink background

Festival Bundle

UTI, Yeast, and BV prevention for a healthy summer festival season

Bundle Price | $70.00

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