NuvaRing birth control on a red surface with a pink background
NuvaRing birth control on a red surface with a pink background
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Birth Control pills, the birth control patch, and NuvaRing balanced on colorful abstract shapes on a pink surface with a red background
A woman's hand reaching for NuvaRing balanced on clear abstract shapes with the birth control patch on a red surface with a blue background
Woman's hand holding NuvaRing Birth Control with a pink background

Vaginal Birth Control Ring (Generic NuvaRing®)

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Your pill-free birth control solution
Sick of having to take a pill every day? The Vaginal Birth Control Ring lets you shut off those daily reminders and keeps protecting you from pregnancy week after week. Simply place the ring inside your vagina and you’re good to go!

How Does NuvaRing Work?

NuvaRing is a form of contraception that steadily releases hormones (estrogen and progesterone) throughout the month to prevent ovulation and thicken cervical mucus. You'll receive a 3-month supply of 3 rings when you order through Wisp. When used correctly and consistently, the ring is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. Unlike the pill, you don’t have to think about it every day, and it will continue to work if you experience diarrhea or vomiting. Take it out at the 3-week mark to experience a period before replacing it!

NuvaRing Benefits

  • Easy and painless to insert
  • No need for daily pills
  • Monthly protection with a single ring
  • Improved cycle regularity and periods

Medication Details

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