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Birth Control Tips
While You Travel

By Lizzie De La Cruz
March 10, 2022

There are lots of reasons not to run out of birth control unexpectedly, but there is no reason to put off traveling because you are worried that you may run out of prescription medication or lose track of your schedule. Here are some birth control tips to help you stay on track while you travel.

Take enough with you!

Traveling can get hectic—there are flights to schedule, hotels to book, itineraries to plan… it’s easy to forget to pick up your prescription. Plan ahead so you can buy birth control online and get it delivered! You can order enough before you travel so you can be sure not to run out, or have to pick up another kind you’re not used to. There are many birth control options, but none are as easy to obtain, as reliable, and as safe as what you have been taking. Planning ahead can give you a little peace of mind so you can enjoy your vacation and maximize relaxation!

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Stay on schedule

Get ahead of any time changes you might be traveling through. If you use an alarm as a reminder to take your birth control, reset it before you get to another time zone so it doesn’t go off in the middle of the night, or at another inconvenient time. This is especially important if you’re going to be losing or gaining a whole day over the course of your travels (hello, Australia!). You don’t want to miss a dose!

Keep the pills close by

Keep your birth control close to you. Put the pills in your carry-on bag, or in your purse, so they are not lost if your checked bags get lost (it happens to everyone eventually). Another good reason to keep them close is to keep them in a temperature-controlled environment, not in the heat of a glove compartment or in the colder area of the checked baggage compartment. Packing your pills in your carry-on ensures you will always have them nearby and you will have a record of your prescription should you need to replace them later if your plans change.

Don’t get too relaxed, though

Okay, so maybe you’ve always been diligent at home, but now you are traveling and you feel a bit more relaxed, a bit loosey-goosey, and your brain is on vacation mode. Unfortunately, your body still can get pregnant, even on vacation. Remember to take your pills at the same time each day, but don’t stress too much if you forget. Follow your medication’s instructions for catching up on a missed dose and you’ll be good to go!

We live in the future

It’s 2022—you can buy birth control online and in advance! It’s easy to connect with a doctor online to ask any questions you might have about continuing your birth control method while you’re traveling and figure out how much you’ll need while you’re out of town. Have backup contraception with you as well, like condoms, just in case. It’s always a good idea to use condoms anyway to protect against STIs—yes, even with that cute stranger who’s staying at the same hotel. While you’re at it, bring some lube with you too. It is just easier to have what you know you will need with you, rather than trying to get it later, even for stuff that’s usually easy to find at local pharmacies.

When you buy birth control online, you will be able to get what you need easily, and discreetly, and in advance so you can focus on the fun stuff. Unfortunately, we can’t help you decide on ziplining vs. bungee jumping.

Learn more about how to buy birth control online from Wisp.

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