Wisp OMG! Cream, Wisp Harmonizing Lube, and of Wisp Balancing Wash on a pink background and red surface
Wisp OMG! Cream, Wisp Harmonizing Lube, and of Wisp Balancing Wash on a pink background and red surface
Hand reaches for Pleasure Bundle products on a pink background and red surface
Wisp Harmonizing Lube, Wisp Balancing Wash, and Wisp OMG! Cream on a bedside table
Bottle of Wisp OMG! Cream sits on a pedestal in front of a blue explosion on a red backgroun
Female hand holding bottle of Wisp Harmonizing Lube and pouring lube onto other hand on pink background
Hands covered in soap suds holding a bottle of Wisp Balancing Wash against a white tile wall

Pleasure Bundle (OMG!)

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You come first

Loving yourself should be part of your everyday routine. That's why we’re giving you more for less with our top selling items in one easy bundle! Get all three doctor-formulated products delivered free to your door. The star of the show is OMG! Cream, formulated with the same active ingredient used in Viagra to boost blood flow to the clitoris and heighten sensation, leading to better, more fulfilling orgasms.

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A $69 Value!

Three reasons to say "OMG!"

We believe sexual health is healthcare—and that includes everything from a healthy vaginal pH to more satisfying orgasms. Our Pleasure Bundle provides everything you need to maintain healthy hygiene, reduce pain and irritation during sex, and to ensure sex is a more pleasurable experience.

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Fun Facts

  • OMG! Cream has the same active ingredient as Viagra
  • Harmonizing Lube keeps its slip in water
  • Balancing Wash supports recovery time

Pleasure Bundle Details

Pleasure Bundle FAQ

Your Doctor

Image of our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Laura Purdy

OMG! Cream can be a gamechanger for folks struggling with arousal at any stage of their life. All orgasms are not created equal—whether you need help getting started, rev'ing up, or crossing the finish line, OMG! does it all.

Dr. Laura Purdy M.D.

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