Proov Complete Testing Kit on a red surface with a pink background
Proov Complete Testing Kit on a red surface with a pink background
Proov Complete Testing Kit with 3 FSH Tests and 17 Multihormone tests on a purple surface
Proov Complete Testing box with a mobile phone showing ovulation results
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A test strip in a glass on a countertop with an opened Proov packet

Complete Testing System by Proov

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Unlock insights into your personal fertility

Increase your chances of getting pregnant with Proov's Complete Testing System. This comprehensive at-home fertility test provides insight into your ovarian reserve, finds up to 6 fertile days, and confirms successful ovulation during the implantation window. Plus, at the end of every cycle you’ll receive an actionable fertility hormone report so you can make a plan to reach your fertility goals faster.

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What does Proov Complete test for?

Four key hormones impact your cycle and fertility, and Proov's Complete Testing System allows you to see all of them! Get the complete picture of your cycle hormones and be empowered to move forward with confidence.

FSH (follicle stimulating hormone): FSH is the hormone responsible for selecting the follicle to ovulate in a given cycle and can provide insight into ovarian reserve.

E1G (estrogen marker): A hormone marker that prepares the uterus to receive a pregnancy and it signals the opening of the fertile window—the 5-6 days each cycle with the highest possibility of getting pregnant.

LH-beta (beta subunit of luteinizing hormone): A hormone that “spikes” right before ovulation to cause the egg to be released to help you time intercourse or insemination and PdG testing.

PdG (progesterone marker): A hormone marker released after ovulation that supports implantation and confirms successful ovulation.

What You're Getting

  • 3 FSH tests
  • 17 Multihormone tests
  • Proov Insight app

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Our Fertility Partner

Dr. Amy Beckley, PhD wearing a lab coat and holding a Proov Complete box

Proov was invented by infertility veteran and PhD Scientist, Dr. Amy Beckley. After applying her own science expertise to solve three years of infertility and seven miscarriages, Amy felt inspired to help other women. Amy launched Proov to empower women at every stage of life to track their own hormones quickly and easily at home.

Dr. Amy Beckley, PhD