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Seasonique ® Birth Control (generic)

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Reduce cramping and heavy flow symptoms

Seasonique is a popular birth control pill that uses a combination of the hormones progestin and estrogen. This combination birth control prevents pregnancy by signaling to your body that you are already pregnant, and puts you on an "extended cycle" so you only experience 1 period every 3 months.

How Does Seasonique Work?

Seasonique is a combination oral contraceptive that is taken daily and is also known as an "extended cycle" pill. This label means that you may only get your period once every 3 months on this birth control. It contains the hormones progestin and estrogen to prevent pregnancy. Please read all instructions before beginning use and do not take more frequently than directed. Seasonique is similar to: Quasense, Jolessa, Jaimiess, Introvale, Daysee, Camrese, Ashlyna, Amethia, Setlakin and Simpesse.

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Seasonique Uses

  • Prevent pregnancy
  • Reduce cramping
  • Lessen menstrual flow
  • Allows you to "skip" periods

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Seasonique FAQ

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Generic birth control options are just as effective as the brand name versions because they have the same active ingredients.

Dr. Laura Purdy M.D.

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