A colorful TBD Health shipping box with test tubes and vials on organic-shaped ceramic blocks on a red and white tiled surface
A colorful TBD Health shipping box with test tubes and vials on organic-shaped ceramic blocks on a red and white tiled surface
A person pouring water into a green collection cup to indicate a urine sample with test tubes and other miscellaneous kit items on a tan surface
A person putting their testing samples into a mail envelope with TBD health shipping boxes, a coffee mug and a cactus on a tan surface
the steps to use this kit: order with free delivery, take the test by providing a urine sample, mailing the kit back to the partner laboratory, and consulting with a TBD Health clinician for treatment

3 Panel STD Test

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Fast STD testing, delivered to your door

We've partnered with TBD Health to bring you at-home STD testing. This STD Kit tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trichomoniasis — three of the most common STDs. These STDs are often asymptomatic, and can often lead to fertility complications (particularly for people with vaginas). This test is performed via urine. HSA/FSA accepted.

This kit is not currently available in New York (coming soon).


Includes kit and prescription (if appropriate) through TBD Health.
This product is excluded from coupons and discounts.

How does STD Testing with TBD Health work?

Every test is reviewed by a certified TBD clinical care expert in your state for extra peace of mind. If your results are positive or if you just have any questions, TBD Health clinicians will walk you through next steps via a telemedicine consult and prescribe medication for both you and your partner(s), if appropriate. You can also message the TBD Health team as much as you want with any additional questions or concerns relating to your results.

Turnaround Time
Your test results will be available in 3-5 days after you’ve shipped back your samples.

This kit tests for:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Trichomoniasis

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3-Panel STD Test FAQ

Our Sexual Health Partner

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TBD Health was founded by two decade-long friends who teamed up with their third co-founder and set out to reimagine the entire healthcare experience, starting with an at-home STD screening kit that would reduce all the stigma, anxiety, and inaccessibility that usually comes with it. At a time when the rights of women and people with vaginas are under attack, it's more crucial than ever for healthcare companies to make it easy to prioritize your sexual health.

Stephanie Estey and Daphne Chen