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Your Best Summer Sexual
Wellness Routine

By Kathleen Morrison w/ TBD Health
May 10, 2024

Getting healthy and staying healthy is all about developing small habits and sticking to them—consistency is key! Whether that means taking daily vitamins, moving your body regularly, or maintaining a consistent bedtime routine, these daily habits add up and can make a big impact on your overall health and wellness. You may not know it, but your sexual health can also benefit from a routine that helps you maintain an optimal vaginal balance, prevent common infections, and protect you against STIs. Wisp and TBD Health teamed up with our top-performing hacks to set you on the right path for your sexual health!

Get STI tested routinely with TBD’s at-home STI kits

The most common STI symptoms are no symptoms at all! Getting tested regularly (especially if you’ve been actively dating and/or have multiple sexual partners) is so important for catching and treating infections early to prevent long-term health impacts like infertility. TBD Health’s at-home testing kits make it easy!


You’ve heard it before—water, water, water! Staying hydrated helps your overall health and can help prevent painful UTIs. For vagina-owners, hydration can also help maintain lubrication during sex to help prevent micro-tears and uncomfortable friction.

Open and honest communication in relationships

Mental and emotional wellbeing plays a big role in your sexual health. Practicing good communication with your partner(s) helps enhance feelings of security and intimacy, which can lead to a healthier (and more explosive) sexual connection.

Self-care essentials for a balanced sexual wellness routine

Everyone has their must-haves for their overnight bags—ya know, for those adult sleepovers 👀 A good lube is essential for a smooth ride. We love Wisp’s award-winning Harmonizing Lube to reduce irritation (it’s waterproof, too). Plus, Wisp’s Balancing Wash is great for that post-romp shower, and won’t throw off your vaginal pH.

Follow leaders in the sexual wellness space on social

Looking for some sexual inspo? Make an intentional decision to follow creators on social media who are sex positive, promote safe sex practices, and make you feel good—not ashamed—about your sexual choices!


There’s nothing healthier than getting to know yourself a little bit better—masturbating is the best way to get to know how you enjoy being touched, so you can communicate that to your partners! Incorporating toys is a great way to experiment and, if you want to take things to the next level, Wisp’s OMG! Cream is a prescription topical cream that boosts blood flow and sensation to enhance that big O.

Keep it clean

Speaking of masturbation, make sure any toys you use are made of body-safe materials like 100% silicone and that you sanitize them after each use! Sharing toys between partners can spread STIs if they aren’t cleaned properly in between sessions.

Natural infection prevention

Sometimes Mother Nature knows best. If you’re prone to recurrent vaginal infections like yeast, UTIs, or BV, consider incorporating a natural supplement like Boric Acid, D-Mannose, or Probiotics into your routine. They can help boost your immunity and maintain a healthy vaginal balance that wards off infection.

Care for holistic health

Don’t neglect other parts of your health—what’s good for your overall health is good for your sexual health, and vice versa! Getting enough sleep, meditating, managing stress, and staying healthy can all support your libido, make it easier to achieve orgasm, and help prevent recurrent vaginal symptoms.

Stay on top of preventative screening

While we love convenient telemedicine options and at-home testing, there are still some important in-person visits that shouldn’t be neglected. Going to your yearly OB-GYN checkup ensures that you have a regular pap smear to check for HPV and cervical cancer, and that you are checked for breast cancer. Pelvic exams also allow your doctor to check on the health of your uterus and ovaries, and provide an opportunity for you to discuss any unusual symptoms you may be experiencing. A and if you live in Las Vegas or Denver, you stop by one of TBD Health’s sex-positive sexual health care hubs!

Looking for convenient at-home treatment for common sexual health concerns? Wisp has got your back with prescription care and natural preventatives. Unsure what you need? TBD Health delivers testing kits for STIs and in-person care in Nevada and Colorado.

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