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Herpes & Cold Sores

How Long Does It Take for Acyclovir to Work?

By Lizzie De La Cruz

What are Acyclovir Creams?

Acyclovir is the generic brand name for the medication Zovirax. Acyclovir creams are medicated ointments used to help heal cold sores and blisters caused by herpes outbreaks. The creams are antiviral, which inhibits the replication of the virus that causes the outbreaks. While it is not a cure for herpes – as there is no cure for herpes – Acyclovir creams greatly reduce the duration of the outbreak and can bring some soothing relief to the area. It is for topical use only and must not be used inside the mouth or vagina. As a medicated product, your pharmacist or doctor will tell you how long to use your Acyclovir creams based on their recommended dosage. 

When does it start to work?

While you will be using your Acyclovir creams for a number of days, you can expect early results quickly. The first thing many patients notice is a decrease in that annoying burning, itching, and uncomfortable feeling an outbreak can cause. Next, most patients notice a decrease in healing time of the sores and other effects of the outbreak. Expect soothing relief and a shorter outbreak duration overall.

Where to get Acyclovir creams?

Acyclovir creams require a prescription. A doctor will evaluate your symptoms to have the right prescription formulated for your needs and severity of your outbreak.
However, we understand that a herpes outbreak can feel a little embarrassing. You may not have the desire – or the time – to book an appointment and then wait to get the help you need. This is why wisp offers free delivery of Acyclovir creams right to your door — always in discreet packaging.

The wisp solution

Wisp is your online medical solution for all your sexual and reproductive health needs. Say goodbye to doctor’s visits by simply choosing the medication you need online, and then selecting if you prefer a one-time or monthly subscription. Within 24 hours, a US-licensed doctor will evaluate your symptoms and provide treatment for delivery or same-day pick-up from your local pharmacy. Say goodbye to having to take time out of your day to book an in-person appointment, wait for the doctor, and traveling to pick up your prescription. Skip the hassle and have Acyclovir creams sent right to your doorstep. 

What you need, when you need it: fast relief

Acyclovir creams work fast to relieve the symptoms of a herpes outbreak and to reduce overall healing time. With wisp, you can expect a fast, remote appointment followed by discreet shipping or same-day pharmacy pickup. In addition to Acyclovir creams, wisp can help with a variety of other sensitive medications such as birth control, emergency contraception, yeast infection care, and treatment for urinary tract infections.

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