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How to Delay Your Period
in a Safe, Effective Way

By Lizzie De La Cruz
June 6, 2022

Sometimes it just feels like your period is out to ruin your plans. Whether you’re planning a trip, training for a competition, or prepping for a wedding, you definitely don’t want your period crashing the party. Googling may lead you to period delay info and a variety of home remedies, but be careful. Most of these remedies have no guarantee of working, some are useless, and others are dangerous. Period delay pills are prescription medication that is a safe and effective way to delay your period.

How do delay period pills work?

Your body naturally produces progesterone as part of the menstrual cycle, and when progesterone levels fall, it triggers the lining of the uterus to shed and leave your body as your period. By keeping levels of progesterone high, you can initiate period delay—the period is not triggered. Being able to have control over the timing of your period lets you make plans without having to worry about packing period supplies, bleeding through nice outfits, or dealing with annoying PMS symptoms.

Period delay isn’t just about controlling the bleeding. With period delay pills it is also possible to postpone those other symptoms like cramps, bloating and fatigue. Sometimes dealing with those side effects is often more irritating than the bleeding itself. Norethindrone can help you avoid those symptoms too!

When should I start to delay my period?

Be sure that you know your regular cycle. Start to delay a period about three days before you expect your next cycle. Continue taking the pills until you’re ready to return to your normal cycle. Once you stop taking the pills you can expect your period to start about three days later.

Is it safe to use period delay norethindrone pills to change my hormone cycle?

Norethindrone is the generic name of the delay period pills. This class of medication is called progestin, a form of the hormone progesterone that regulates ovulation and menstruation in your body. Applied differently, this hormone is also used as contraception. It does require a doctor’s prescription, but has very few side effects, and is trusted by doctors to safely put off your period until a time that works for you. Although the medication is similar to birth control medication, period delay pills are not birth control. These pills are not meant to be used for more than one cycle at a time. Talk to your Wisp doctor online to be sure the medication is appropriate for you.

This is the safest, most effective way to delay your period

Period delay pills are the safest and most effective way to control the stopping and starting of your period, but they do not stop ovulation and so they don’t prevent pregnancy. Connect with a Wisp doctor today to see if norethindrone will work for you!. Wisp helps you get advice and prescriptions online discreetly and confidentially. Those medications will be shipped to your home for free or to your local pharmacy.

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