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Herpes & Cold Sores

How to Recognize the Symptoms of Genital Herpes

By Lizzie De La Cruz

When a genital herpes outbreak strikes, it always seems to be at the worst possible time. Come to think of it, there really is no good time for an outbreak. When they hit, herpes outbreaks can be painful, inconvenient, and get in the way of your sex life. Don’t worry — you aren’t alone. One in six people will contract genital herpes in their lifetime and experience these uncomfortable outbreaks. Fortunately, herpes is easily managed with medication and many patients hardly experience symptoms once they find a regimen that works for them. Antiviral medications and herbal remedies mean we can prevent outbreaks, alleviate symptoms, and keep our sex lives on track. Still, many people will never even realize they have genital herpes because they don’t know what to look for. It’s important to recognize the symptoms so we can more quickly reach for the best medicines for genital herpes and get back to what’s important.

Timing Is Everything

If you’ve been exposed to genital herpes, you may experience symptoms anywhere from 1-12 days after the encounter. Early signs can include pain, itching, and tenderness in the genital region, and your initial outbreak may be accompanied by flu-like symptoms, such as fever. Small red bumps and/or white blisters may appear, as might ulcers, should the blisters rupture and ooze. If this happens, urination can become painful due to the irritated skin. When the outbreak begins to run its course, scabs may form and crust over. Left untreated, it can take a while for the skin to heal. Early intervention can help speed recovery and relieve some of these painful symptoms. Treatment with prescription antivirals as soon as you feel that tell-tale tingle can interrupt an outbreak and give your immune system support in suppressing the herpes virus.

Location, Location, Location

A herpes outbreak can affect different parts of the body in various ways. Many people will experience flu-like symptoms, including swollen lymph nodes in the groin, a headache or muscle pain, and fever. Sores will likely appear wherever the herpes infection entered the body (usually the lips or genitals) and can be spread to others via skin to skin contact. Areas to keep an eye on include the buttocks, thighs, anus, mouth, and genitals. 

Wisp provides the most discrete and convenient medicines for genital herpes, including prescription antiviral medications, Acyclovir, and Valacyclovir. These meds, available through online prescription and delivered right to your door, help decrease the severity and frequency of genital outbreaks. A subscription can help you keep these medications on hand so you have them on hand the minute you feel an outbreak coming on, and stop it in its tracks.

A Recurring Problem

Every individual will have their own unique experience with genital herpes. Symptoms can recur in varying intensity and with irregular occurrences, but many people experience fewer outbreaks as time goes on. Should burning, tingling, or itching in the originally infected area, or pain in the lower back, buttocks, and/or legs, occur, it’s likely a sign it’s time to reach for the medicines for genital herpes to ease the outbreak’s effects on your body, increase your comfort levels, and support your healthy sex life. 

By combining oral and topical Acyclovir, herpes sores are effectively treated with fast acting meds that decrease outbreak healing times, especially for those who experience several herpes outbreaks a year.

Where To Get Medicines For Genital Herpes

Wisp provides the most effective and discreet personal care, including medicines for genital herpes, delivered right to your door. For any personal question or issue, our board-certified physicians are waiting to hear from you, and it’s their mission to provide the relief you need. 

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