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What Should I Do If Antibiotics
Did Not Clear Up My Bacterial Vaginosis?

By Lizzie De La Cruz
December 31, 2021

Let’s jump right in and talk about recurring vaginal infections. Bacterial vaginosis is a common one that most women get at some point in their lives. It is caused by an imbalance of natural bacteria in the vagina, and although it can weaken the immune system, it usually clears up and goes away with antibiotic treatment. BV Antibiotics work successfully in most cases, but about a third of patients find that antibiotics do not stop the BV from recurring. If you find that BV is a recurring problem for you, here’s what you should do next.

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Basic information about BV and BV Antibiotics

Bacterial vaginosis is a vaginal infection that happens because of an excessive growth of bacteria in the vagina. There is typically a natural balance of bacteria, but when vaginosis occurs, it is due to a change in the types and amounts of the bacteria that are present and this change can lead to discomfort, unusual odor, and uncomfortable discharge.. This imbalance can be triggered by sex, lifestyle changes, irritating ingredients, or even antibiotics for a different infection. Because different types of bacteria can cause BV, each patient may respond differently to the BV Antibiotics.

BV is not dangerous, but it is inconvenient, and it can increase your risk of getting other infections, including sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Therefore, if it does not clear up after the first treatment with BV Antibiotics, it is important to speak to a doctor or licensed medical provider about changing the treatment or the form of the BV Antibiotics used.

If the first round of antibiotics didn’t work…

It is important to see your doctor at the first sign of bacterial vaginosis so you can determine your best method of treatment ASAP. The doctor might suggest more antibiotics if your first round isn’t successful. Another course of the same might be appropriate. As with all medication, be sure to take the entire course, even if you feel better.

The doctor might suggest an alternative antibiotic, or antibiotics in a different form, such as a cream or a gel instead of pills or tablets. In very persistent cases, it might be suggested that you try taking more antibiotics in heavier doses, or that you try using creams and tablets at the same time.

You can also incorporate probiotics into your routine to support your vaginal microbiome. Your microbiome plays a key role in your vaginal health and when it's out of whack, it gives BV bacteria a chance to flourish. Wisp's Equalizing Probiotics are doctor-formulated with 9 powerhouse probiotic strains to help prevent vaginal symptoms and keep recurrent infections from coming back.

If you have completed at least one full round of BV Antibiotics as prescribed by a doctor and still do not feel confident that the infection will not return, then talk to a doctor that you feel comfortable discussing this with. BV is a common infection among women, and contracting it is nothing to be concerned about. That said, not all treatments work the same way for all women, and if you have an infection that keeps coming back, you can talk to a doctor about alternative treatments and preventative solutions.

Remember, you can always get your treatment easily online through Wisp — just choose same-day pharmacy pick-up or free delivery with your order.

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