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What are yeast infection symptoms?

At some point, every woman will know the discomfort of a yeast infection. Many will get to know the feeling often...a little too often. But, there's no need to suffer through chronic yeast infections if your go-to over the counter yeast infection treatment doesn't work. Antifungals are prescription strength yeast infection medicine that stop the infection fast. You don't need health insurance to treat a yeast infection online—plus we'll send you over the counter yeast infection meds to prevent reocurrence.

  • Pain when you pee

  • Pain during sex

  • Red, swollen or sore vaginal tissues

  • Itching and soreness around the vaginal opening

  • Discharge that is watery, white & clumpy

How to get rid of a yeast infection fast

Antifungal treatment for yeast infection is an easy to take oral tablet of Fluconazole (Diflucan). Yeast infection symptoms will begin to lessen immediately, but may take 1-7 days to fully clear. Sometimes a secondary dose of yeast infection pill is required 72 hours after the first, but that's included with your order :) Over-the-counter yeast infection remedies, like Boric Acid, work well in conjunction with prescription meds, especially in preventing chronic yeast infections.

Yeast infection cure?

When Monistat doesn't cut it, try yeast infection meds, like Fluconazole without a doctor's appointment. See ya, yeast

Diflucan OTC?

Diflucan still requires a prescription, but Boric Acid, helps restore balance to prevent chronic yeast infections. Get BV home remedies that work

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How Can I Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection

What's the best yeast infection medicine & otc yeast infection cure?

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Best Treatments for Yeast Infections

how to tell the difference between BV and trichomoniasis?

BV vs. Trichomoniasis

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How Boric Acid Can Treat Your Yeast Infection

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